Have you ever wanted a Food Cart Tour of Portland?

Have questions about Portland’s Food Cart scene you want answered?

Want to eat at some of Portland’s best carts at the recommendation of Food Carts Portland?

food cart tour portlandNow you can. We offer tours of the carts hosted by Brett Burmeister, owner and managing editor of Food Carts Portland. Brett has been chronicling and tracking the food carts since 2008 and has become the defacto food cart ambassador for Portland. With his knowledge of the carts, their history and their stories, a tour with Brett is both fun and informative. Current cart owners have taken the tour prior to opening as a way to introduce themselves to Portland’s scene and learn as much as they can from Food Carts Portland. Oh, and we stop at a few carts to eat some of the best treats they have to offer.

Tours for Winter 2017-18 are on hold. If you’re interested in a tour for 2 or more people, Monday-Friday from October to April, please email to check availability.

Tours occur Daily Monday-Friday. They begin around 12pm and last up to 1:30 Р60-90 minutes depending on group size and conditions. [Tours can also be scheduled outside of those hours Рuse the contact form below to inquire.]

Tours start at one of the downtown pods and may move throughout the city to other pods in order to experience what Portland has to offer. Topics of discussion include:

  • History of Food Carts in Portland
  • Why Portland?
  • What is a Pod and why does it work in Portland?
  • What works/doesn’t work for food carts.
  • Visits to some of Portland’s best carts.
  • Eat and enjoy small bites from 4 different carts included in the price
  • Q & A

Tours are for the patrons, so we cater to your questions and needs.

Sign Up and Cost:

Tours are $50.00 per person and free to kids under 12. To sign up for a tour or ask any questions, please email us with your name, email address, phone and which date you would like to join us. Contact us at