The People’s Pig Wood-Fired Grill

The People's Pig

The People’s Pig

CLOSED – Restaurant open on N Williams

Location: SW 10th and Washington
Hours: Weekday lunch


The People’s Pig has re-opened at the corner of SW 10th and Washington. Cliff Allen is back with a new cart and a twist – a mesquite grill. No gas, no electricity, just mesquite. The product that comes off the grill is excellent. Flank steak sandwich with arugula and lemon, pork polpette sandwich with peppers and onion. Every now and then, he’ll roast a pig or maybe some ribs. Our original writeup about Cliff and the People’s Pig is below. Enjoy.

Pork! Need I say more? I turned the corner and there it was, a bright yellow wood paneled food truck with a small crowd in front. I knew a new food cart had arrived. My heart skipped a beat when I saw the cart was named The People’s Pig. Everyone loves pork…. well almost everyone. I walked right up, glanced at the couple of items on the menu and ordered up a sandwich from Cliff, the owner of this cart – now 2 days old.

Flank Steak Sandwich from The People's Pig

Flank Steak Sandwich from The People’s Pig

Porchetta is the name of the sandwich. Porchetta is pork, wrapped in pork. Traditionally, a whole pig deboned and then put together in layers with aromatics and roasted, The People’s Pig does it slightly different. Cliff takes a pork tenderloin, seasons it, (I saw chunks of garlic in there) then stuffs it inside a pork belly to be roasted. When he showed me the finished product, I just stood there, mouth agape.

Porchetta sandwich from The Peoples Pig

Porchetta sandwich from The People’s Pig

The People’s Pig Porchetta sandwich is layers of the porchetta with arugula on good bread. My sandwich came with some picked peppers Cliff was offering. When he handed the sandwich over, I just stared at it. What a sight! Passers by stopped to ogle. Such an amazing culinary treat I was about to dive into. The sandwich was great. The layers of pork mixed with the bitterness of the arugula and the spiciness of the peppers was almost too much. A few times, I had to stop and just take it all in – a great sandwich here.

The People’s Pig is brand spankin’ new. If you head down there in this first week, they just may be a line. Like I have been telling everyone who asks – what make’s Portland unique is that when cart owners decide on a product, they pick something no one else is doing and they do it right. The People’s Pig is making porchetta and from my experience, they are doing it right. Walk on down to The People’s Pig and grab a sandwich – maybe share one with a friend – and tell them Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu: See their Facebook page or the cart for current menu.

Hours: Monday through Friday – 11am-3pm (available for weekend events)
Website: The People’s Pig
Facebook: The People’s Pig