Pie Lab PDX

Pie Lab PDX

{Update Dec 2010 – PieLab is closed until spring]

Location: NW 12th and Davis
Hours: Fridays, noon-3pm

The Story:

Everyone loves pie right? How about fresh handmade pie served up with a smile and a game. Pie Lab is there to sate your Friday afternoon craving in the Pearl.

Crystal Beasley, a southern girl with bright red lipstick and a cute yellow vintage apron, knows how to bake and had a great idea earlier this year to mix her love of pie with her love of social interaction and games. While working for Cheezburger Networks, the group that brings you I can has Cheezeburger and Failblog among other Internet treats, Crystal hatched the brilliant idea to use a food cart to study society and play games with her customers. Using the social fundraiser site KickStarter, Crystal raised $1650 from 56 backers to finish the build out of her cart and launch. One day, you may spin the wheel to determine how much you pay. Another day, the wheel may decide which pie you will enjoy. Either way, you get a great slice of pie with which you can add fresh whip cream or ice cream if you so wish. For those who aren’t into the game, you can purchase your pie out right also.

Forest Berry Pie from Pie Lab

Forest Berry Pie from Pie Lab

Crystal has been busy with the lab, dusting off some family recipes and even venturing beyond our national borders for influences. The day we visited, she was offering a mixed forest berry pie with a crushed almond and ginger crust, a buttermilk whiskey pie, a mango cobbler and finally, a cherry pie. When I heard there was a pie made with whiskey, I couldn’t help but ask – “what’s your poison?” Wild Turkey! I’ve cooked with wine and sherry, but never whiskey. While I didn’t get drunk of my single slice of scrumptious pie, I could taste the sweet bourbon influences. The mixed berry pie my colleague enjoyed with both ice cream and whip cream was so life-changing for him that he followed up the dish with emails to all his friends, a Facebook posting and some preaching to coworkers. What I liked about both was the depth of flavor and freshness. Oh, and we both spun the wheel for price and landed on $1. Such a deal.

Pie Lab PDX is one of the most ingenious ideas I have seen here in Portland. A fun and tasty experience with a wonderful host in Crystal. Pie is wonderful and she makes some of the best I have had, so go visit her before she hunkers down for winter break and enjoy. Play a game and have some fun. Let her know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

  • Slice of pie: flavors vary – $4
  • Whip Cream – $1
  • Ice Cream – $1

Hours: Fridays, 12-3pm or till they run out of pie
Twitter: @PieLabPDX Facebook: PieLabPDX