Pastrami on Rye


SW 4th and Hall
Hours: Weekdays, 11am-2:30pm

The Story:

Simplicity may be the root of success. Pick an item you like to cook, source the right ingredients and prepare it well and you too can make it in the food cart world. Pastrami on Rye does that with their namesake sandwich.

The cart is a collaboration between a brother, a sister and their mom. I like seeing a family support each other in these types of endeavors. It tells me they are willing to put in the long hours and hard work for those they love. The day we visited, Dre was taking orders while his mother Kelly made the sandwiches. Here in Portland, when an item like pastrami is discussed, many transplants jump to the front of the line to tell you how awesome the pastrami is somewhere else – usually a deli in NYC. Well, I have never been to those deli’s so have virgin taste buds and think Portland makes some great sandwiches. A contentious issue for sure.

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