dosirak lunch cart

dosirak lunch cart

Location: SW 4th and College


A coworker and I needed something hearty for lunch and wanted to try something new. We saw the shiny yellow cart named dosirak and decided to give it a try. Talk about simple ordering. This cart offers up one dish and one dish only – marinated chicken over rice with a salad and some dumplings called mandoos. That’s it. The cart is aptly named – dosirak translates to lunchbox.

dosirak lunchbox

dosirak lunchbox

The “lunchbox” comes with a generous portion of sticky white rice covered with amazing marinated charbroiled chicken and a couple of mandoo (little dumplings.) The salad has a unique miso flavored dressing that is perfectly matched with the chicken. The lunch was great. A perfect portion with great tastes and wonderfully simple. I especially like the mandoo as they had a texture and flavor that melted in your mouth.

If you’re out looking for a new take on marinated chicken and rice, visit dosirak and tell them Food Carts Portland sent ya.


  • The Lunchbox: marinated chicken charbroiled to perfection; fresh green salad with miso dressing and mandoo (little dumplings – $6
  • Mandoo (dumplings) – small order 6 pieces – $3; large order 10 pieces – $4

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