Tito's Burritos


Tito's Burritos

Location: SW 3rd and Washington


I have been a fan of Tito’s Burritos for a few years now.  I moved back downtown for work in 2004 and quickly jumped back into the food cart scene.  I was so jones’n for some great tacos.  It took me a few years to actually discover Tito’s and thier $1.25 (at the time) tacos, but when I did, I was a happy young man.  Last summer I decided to do a comparison, so hit many of the local taco carts specifically to sample their wares.  In the end, I kept coming back to Tito’s.

Tito’s does a traditional taco (as far as I can understand is traditional.)  This isn’t the childhood taco I nor any of my friends had in the burbs when we were kids.  They offer up tacos, burritos, enchiladas, nachos and tortas.  They offer many of the traditional meat options you would normally find at a Mexican restaurant including vegitarian.  Chorizo, Carnitas, Pastor, Machaca, Pollo, Asada, and Fish.  I picked up 4 tacos – Carnitas, Asada, Pastor and Fish and none dissapointed.


Tacos are only $1.50.  That’s cheaper than a latte.

There is also a Tito’s Burritos II at 9th and Alder.

Sample Menu:

  • Combo Plates: $5.50 – Nachos, Chile Relleno, Enchiladas
  • Burritos: $5 – Chicken, Asada, Carnitas, Machaca, Chorizo etc – with beans and rice
  • Tacos: $1.50 – Asada, Pastor, Carnitas, Chicken, Machaca, Chorizo, Fish
  • Veggie Tacos: $1.25
  • Beans and Cheese: $3
  • Beans and Cheese and Rise: $3.50
  • Assorted drinks and hot sauces available

Phone: unknown
Website: unknown
Hours: Lunchtime weekdays and weekend late night
Email: unknown