Lodekka Double Decker Dress Shop


Location: SE 28th pl. and Division at Tidbit
Hours: Wed-Fri, 11am-4pm; Sat/Sun, 11-5pm

The Story: Lodekka, a vintage London double decker bus, opened its doors a few years ago on N Williams in North Portland. The quirky little vintage shop was one of the first to embrace the use of a mobile unit for something more than food. Now in its fourth year, Lodekka has moved to Tidbit on SE Division. If you’re looking for some cool vintage clothes or maybe a knick knack or two, you may find it at Lodekka.

Website: Lodekka.com
Facebook: Lodekka
Twitter: @LodekkaPDX

Flying Fish Company

Flying Fish Company

Flying Fish Company

Locations: SE 21st and Hawthorne
Hours: See Website

The Story:

Portland loves fresh food. We love it so much, the Portland Farmers Market is planning on being open year around instead of just during the growing seasons. We have numerous grocery stores that have fresh fish and locally sourced meats. Now we have a truck offering that also – Flying Fish Company.

Lyf Gildersleeve has been handling fish all his life. A fishmonger by trade, he sold his mobile fish company in Utah and moved to Portland to open the Flying Fish Company truck. Outfitted with a freezer and a couple of refrigerators, Lyf’s goal is to bring sustainable and fresh fish, flash frozen fish, fresh shellfish and organic meats to the masses. You can find fresh caught Wild King Salmon, Copper River Sockeye, Dover Sole, Washington Steelhead and a ton of options for fresh oysters, mussels and clams. Everything listed as fresh has never been frozen. Lyf does offer flash-frozen items such as halibut cheeks, hamachi-yellowtail, Hawaii escolar, Hawaii ono and so much more. Being flash frozen isn’t bad. The fish is frozen on the boat just after being caught and never defrosted until it hits your counter. Beyond fish, you can also pick up hormone free, antibiotic free and locally raise beef, lamb, pork, buffalo, elk or venison. It’s like a roaming meat counter from your favorite grocery.

Fresh Salmon from Flying Fish Co.

Fresh Salmon from Flying Fish Co.

Lyf’s goal is to bring sustainable and fresh items to your dinner table. Following the sustainable fishing guide which lists those species that are not being overfished, Lyf brings you some amazing choices while also supporting our oceans and local fisherman. He even wraps the fish in biodegradable plant-based packaging.

Lyf’s Flying Fish Co stepvan can be found at the Eagle’s Lodge on SE 50th and Hawthorne Wednesday-Friday and then at D-Street Noshery on SE 32nd and Division on the weekends. His prices are fair-market and you get an excellent product for what your pay for. Join his email list or follow him on Twitter for weekly specials and to learn when he gets in something new. This week it was smoked salmon and steelhead. How can you resist that? Check out Lyf’s truck, pick up something for the summer BBQ and let him know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Update 9/2011-  Flying Fish Co is now located at SE 50th and Hawthorne along with SE 21st and Hawthorne. No longer on Division.


For a list of what the Flying Fish Company is selling each week, visit FlyingFishCompany.com

Hours: Wed-Fri, 12-7pm at 50th and Hawthorne; Sat/Sun, 12-7pm, 32nd and Division
Phone: 503 260 6552
Website: FlyingFishCompany.com
Twitter: @FlyingFishPDX Facebook: Flying Fish Oregon