Potter’s Kolaches & Coffee

Potter's Kolaches & Coffee

Potter’s Kolaches & Coffee

Location: SW 3rd and Ankeny
Hours: Mon-Sat, 6am-12pm

The Story:

For awhile there, it was difficult to get some great early morning eats from the carts. Luckily, the fried egg sandwich people have helped fill that gap, but sometimes you want something simpler, yet still full of flavor. Potter’s Kolaches & Coffee will soon become your new morning destination.

Andrew Potter opened the cart this past summer and has been serving his signature Kolaches to the neighbors. Kolaches are a sweet pastry, almost biscuit like, filled with breakfast fillings. Originally from eastern European countries, mainly Poland and Czechoslovakia, this creation can be found most anywhere due to emigration and movements of people over the years. Andrew’s inspiration for his kolaches actually came from the Polish and Czech influences out of Texas. They replaced the sweet filling with bacon, ham, sausage and jalapenos. After a few years working in advertising after college, Andrew realized that the happiest times he had at a job were in the kitchen and launched his cart.

Kolaches from Potter's

Kolaches from Potter’s

At Potter’s you can get a simple sausage kolache for 99c and that would be plenty for many of us. These little guys are, well, amazing. I opted for the Picquant with egg, sausage, cheese and jalapeno and a Robustuous with egg, cheese, tomatoes, onions and peppers. That first bite into the Picquant burst with flavor including the mild heat from the peppers. The breading surrounding the filling is a bit flaky, but sweet and savory and holds together well. For $1.96 each, these are the best bargain in town for something so flavorful. Pair with a cup of coffee from Cafe Mom and you’re set.

Potter’s Kolaches is open Monday to Saturday from 6am-noon. You can park in the lot while you grab your breakfast. The orange and red cart is hard to miss. The kolaches are made fresh daily and ready to serve when you get there. Drop on by and let Andrew know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

  • Sausage – 99c
  • Sausage & Cheese – $1.25
  • Stawberry Jam – $1.25
  • Egg & Cheese – $1.55
  • Picquant – $1.96
  • Robustuous – $1.96
  • Hot Coffee – 12oz, $1.25; 16oz, $1.50

Hours: Mon-Sat, 6am-12pm
Website: KolachesPDX.com
Potter’s Kolaches & Coffee

Taste of Poland

Food Carts Portland

Location: SE 43rd and Belmont

The Story:

A new cart has arrived at SW 5th and Oak where another cart left an opening. That seems to be the story of Portland’s food carts. There is always someone wanting to fill an empty spot. Taste of Poland isn’t a brand new cart though. They have just returned to the lot where they called home just a couple of years ago. And we’re glad they did.

Dionizy Baron, the chef behind Taste of Poland, has been a fixture around Portland for years. He has served us his tasty Polish dishes at Saturday market, different community events and even at a couple of the mall food courts. He was a fixture at SW 5th and Oak and down by PSU for years before moving to Saturday market as his primary location. [Read more...]




Location: SW 10th and Alder


EuroDish calls their food “Traditional Polish Home Style Cuisine.” When I see the words traditional and home style together, I get a little excited. To me, it means someone is trying to harken back to days of yore and replicate what they know to be the food of their homeland. At EuroDish, the owner is succeeding.

EuroDish has been around now for a couple of years, so obviously has worked out any kinks and has a strong following. I have visited a few times in the past and have always enjoyed my meal. EuroDish’s traditional Polish fare is made up of many different options. You can go simple and get a kielbasa sausage on a french roll or get crazy and have one of the combo plates which could include pierogies, salad, schnitzel, blintzes, and bigos. A pierogi is a polish home style dumpling filled with seasoned potato and cheese or cabbage and mushroom or meat. Bigos is traditional hunter’s stew – beef, pork, sausage and tomato sauce stewed in sauerkraut…  All that together would truly fill one up. And these are just a couple of the items on the large menu of lunch and dinner options.

Recently, I opted for one of the combos shown in pictures outside the cart. A huge plate of food including a salad, some rice, pierogis, and two pork schnitzels, smothered in grilled onions. I dove in and was in food heaven. I lived in Austria for a time, so am familiar with schnitzel, but haven’t had it in a few years. The schnitzel I had that day brought back some great memories. It was perfectly breaded and seasoned and cooked perfectly. The crust had a sweetness to it at times that surprised me  and forced me to eat more. The dressing on the salad was surprisingly good as not many side salads at carts impress me. The pierogis were what I expected, little dumplings of yum. The entire meal was fabulous. I actually wasn’t able to finish.

Schnitzel plate

Schnitzel plate

If you are out and about and need a hearty meal, check out EuroDish. [post originally written by Cuisine Bonne Femme, Sept. 2007, updated July, 2009.]

Sample Menu:

  • Beef Vegetable Goulash Soup – beef, onion, tomato, carrot, garlic, and spices – served with egg pasta – $5
  • Kielbasa Sandwich – grilled polish sausage with fried onions on french roll – $4
  • Pork Schnitzel Sandwich – lightly breaded pan fried pork loin served with coleslaw, lettuce, tomato, cucumber onion and mustered on roll – $6
  • Pierogi – dumplings; potato and cheese or cabbage and mushroom or meat and spinach – 6 for $4.50 or 9 for $6.50
  • Bigos – Hunter’s Stew – beef, pork, sausage, tomato sauce – seasoned and stewed in sauerkraut – $4.50
  • Combo plates – choices of the above items together – ranging between $5 and $8
  • Cheese Blintzes – crepes filled with farmer’s cheese served with fresh fruits and sweetened sour cream – 1 for $2.25 or 2 for $4.25

Hours: 11am – 6pm Monday through Friday

Phone: 971 344 3704