Midwest Pizza Co.

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Midwest Pizza Co

Location: N Skidmore and Mississippi at Mississippi Marketplace
Hours: Monday/Thursday – 11:30-3; Friday/Saturday, 11:30-8; Sunday, 11:30-7

The Story: I grew up eating pizza from Round Table and Abby’s and in college, the ubiquitous Domino’s. It was only the last couple of decades I was introduced to what really good pizza is and Portland has it. Midwest Pizza Co is a new food cart serving up Chicago and Detroit style pizza.

pizza food cart Portland

Detroit Style Pizza

I remember the first time ordering a Chicago style pizza in Chicago. We were accosted with menus. Told to order quickly as it takes an hour. And then we waited. It was great, yet coming from the west coast where pizza was quick and thin, it was a different experience all together. Here in Portland, at the food carts, the vendors offer the pizza by the slice, so there isn’t the hour long wait. You can still get a whole pie if you want, just call ahead. At Midwest Pizza Co, their goal was to bring to Portland the flavors so you don’t have to endure the 100 degree weather and 100% humidity.

pizza food cart Portland

Chicago style dog

The Chicago Deep Dish starts with the crust. A flaky, buttery bed with slabs of Mozzarella and then the homemade sauce and toppings. The first slice I enjoyed on opening weekend was almost 2″ thick and so much cheese. The Detroit Style originated from baking the pie in spare parts trays giving the pizza a distinct rectangular shape. Caramelization occurs on the edges of the crust and when topped with Mozzarella and Monterey Jack and a few slices of pepperoni, you just can’t go wrong. Lastly, the Classic Chicago Dog. Made with Red Hot Chicago dogs, I enjoyed it “dragged through the garden.” The dog was topped with yellow mustard, onion, sweet pickle relish which glowed green, pickle spears, tomato wedges, sport peppers and celery salt. Each bit was fulfilling with veggies and pickled goodness and, well, hot dog happiness.

Midwest Pizza Co. is a great addition to the food cart scene here in Portland. We now have a number of wood fired pizza vendors and a Chicago style cart in downtown, so I’m glad they located in my neighborhood. Open Thursday-Monday for both lunch and dinner, if you’re in the neighborhood, you should check them out. Also, if you’re from the midwest, they offer other tasty regional treats including Sprecher Root Beer and Faygo. Let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu (Full menu on MWPizza.com)

  • Chicago Dog – $4
  • Chicago Dog with all the fixin’s – $5.50
  • Chicago Deep Dish – slices are $5.50; whole pies are $15-20.
  • Detroit Style – $4-4.50/slice; whole pies are $10-15

Phone: 503 697 4992
Website: MWPizza.com
Twitter: @MidwestPizzaCo
Facebook: Midwest Pizza Company

Deutschland Curry

Deutschland Curry

Deutschland Curry

Location: SW 5th and Stark
Hours: Mon-Fri, 11am-3pm

The Story: Portland has a few sausage vendors and some great companies who focus on traditional German fare, but with the opening of the Deutschland Curry food cart, we now have authentic German street food – currywurst.

Bryan and Ksenia Roeder opened Deutschland Curry just a couple of months ago and already has a solid following. Inspired by his father, Bryan has spent much of his career making sausage and pates, so opening the food cart was inevitable. With his own bratwurst recipe, he got the wurstmeisters at Mt. Angel Sausage Company to create the sausages used for all his dishes. Currywurst, the dish they specialize in, originated in Berlin after World War II. Herta Heuwer was the first to take a fried pork sausage and cover it with homemade curry sauce she made with English curry brought over by British soldiers mixed with ketchup. Feeding the workers who were rebuilding the city after the war, at her height, she was selling 10,000 serving a week. The Currywurst was born.

Currywurst from Deutschland Curry

Currywurst from Deutschland Curry

At Deutschland Curry, everything is scratch made from Bryan’s recipe for bratwurst to the curry sauce and hand cut fries. You can enjoy the traditional currywurst with sliced cascade bratwurst and fries covered in curry sauce, or go a different way and have the sausage covered in white cheddar fondue. On my first visit, I enjoyed both in one dish. A ridiculous amount of food. The curry sauce works well with the brat, bringing out flavors you wouldn’t normally associate with German cuisine. A bit of pepper, but not spicy. The fries are crisp and Bryan provides you with the cutest little wooden fork so you don’t have to get messy. For $6.50, a hearty, enjoyable meal.

Currywurst is quickly becoming a hot trend across the nation, so I’m glad to see it come to Portland. If you’re looking for a different take on sausages, look no further and check out Deutschland Curry. Let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample menu:

  • Currywurst – $4.50; with fries – $6.50
  • Fonduewurst  and fries – $6.75
  • Sides – potato salad, lesco, curry fries, fondue – $2.75-$3.50

Website: DeutschlandCurry.com
Facebook: Deutschland Curry
Twitter: @DeutschlandPDX




Location: SW 10th and Alder
Hours: Mon-Sat, breakfast, lunch, dinner

The Story: A true mother and son culinary story is what you find at Delicios, a new vendor serving up Romanian cuisine, a taste of Transylvania.



I have eaten at Delicios twice now and to paint a picture of their generosity, both times I was offered a bite of something freshly made in the cart. These samples aren’t small either. Lumi and Sergiu and family are who have brought this endeavor to life. Lumi, Sergiu’s mother, has been cooking for a care home they own for the last 16-17 years and even has a Romanian cookbook ready for publishing. They saw that Romanian wasn’t represented in Portland’s food scene, so launched the cart. I love how they play on the taste of Transylvania theme. No Dracula here though.

One of the first items that caught my eye at Delicios was the Covridog, a Cabanos sausage with provolone cheese wrapped in dough and baked. They are at least a foot long if not longer and served with house made sauce. The Covridog, a special treat, reminded me of childhood visits to the state fair, yet tastier. Upon second visit, I picked up the Mici (pronounced Meechee). Sausage made with 80% beef and 20% pork and their own signature spices, they hand form and then grill it and serve over fries. Impressive flavors, just watch out, it comes hot off the grill. I’ll definitely return for the schnitzel.

Mici from Dolicios

Mici from Delicios

The best part of my job is meeting owners like Lumi and Sergiu, individuals who have a passion for the food they create and are truly engaged with their customers. Before I left, Lumi handed me a Chimney cake which are made fresh daily in the cart. Dough is wrapped around a thick rolling pin with a handle and then baked in a special oven in the cart. In Romania, the tradition was to bake them over a fire, continuously turning them in order to caramelize the sugar on the outside. An afternoon treat for this eater. Check out Delicios next time you’re looking for something different or something sweet. Let Lumi and Sergiu know Food Carts Portland sent ya.


Sample Menu:

  • Mici  – $8
  • CovriDog – $4
  • Chicken Schnitzel Meal – $7
  • Chicken Schnitzel Sandwich – $7
  • Chimney Cake – $5

Tandem Treats


Location: PSU Park Blocks
Hours: Weekdays, lunchtime

Hot dogs, sandwiches, chili, salads. More details coming soon.

Facebook: Tandem Treats

The Steak Shack

The Steak Shack

The Steak Shack

Location: 10966 SE McLoughlin, Milwaukie
Hours: Mon-Fri, 11-5

The Story:

Milwaukie is excited for their first cart and so are the boaters and fisherman who make Milwaukie their starting point. The Steak Shack has opened right in downtown.

Dave and Chip opened the cart after working with the city to figure out what was needed. Being Milwaukie’s first, it took some partnership between the parties to understand the rules and get the cart open and Dave is elated. Dave hails from Toronto where he lived and worked for many years until he was brought to Portland with his wife’s work. While standing in line at Costco, he met Chip who is a trained chef and the relationship blossomed from there. Buy a cart, design a menu, open and feed the masses.

Ribeye Steak Sandwich from The Steak Shack

Ribeye Steak Sandwich from The Steak Shack

The cart is outfitted with a charbroiler with which they grill the ribeye steaks for the sandwiches. Dave couldn’t find a good steak sandwich in the area, so that is what inspired his menu. The ribeye is the perfect cut for this type of sandwich and they grilled it to perfection. We ordered it with every topping they had, so it was a bit messy, but sometimes you have to get dirty to enjoy a meal. They also serves burgers, grilled chicken and hot dogs.

The cart is located in the 76 station on the east side of McLoughlin directly across from the boat launch and park. A great location once the weather warm up and everyone comes down to enjoy the river. I’m looking forward to hearing about Dave’s plans to serve the boaters. If you’re down that way, drop on by. Dave and Chip are great to chat with and cook up some great sandwiches. Let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

  • Ribeye Steak on a Bun – $7
  • Homemade Burger – $5.50
  • Grilled Chicken on a Bun – $6
  • Jumbo Hot Dog – $4
  • Handcut Fries – $2
  • Onion Rings – $2.50

Hours: Mon-Fri, 11-5
Phone: 714 655 9129