Brett Burmeister – aka Dieselboi

Brett Burmeister, a Portland, Oregon native, is the managing editor and owner of Food Carts Portland, a resource for street food enthusiasts. He ate at his first food cart in 1991 and has never looked back, having logged roughly 1000 visits to street vendors in Portland and beyond. Brett has been featured by CNN, The New York Times, Saveur and The Guardian, among others. Not only can he tell you where to find the best chinese dumplings, he also advises street food vendors and helps them operate successfully within the often bewildering mobile vending laws. Brett and his business partners launched for the New Orleans street food scene, and they have consulted for other communities that want to emulate the Portland model. He is a friend and advocate of mobile food vendors, and a very good eater. Find him at

Cuisine Bonne Femme

I take my name from a culinary term (à la Cuisine Bonne Femme) which roughly translates to home style cooking of simple dishes based on the freshest ingredients, gently coaxed to bring out their best qualities. Things like roast chicken with crackling skin, meat stews, all kinds of soups, and anything served on toast, rice or noodles. You know, peasant food like your French/Southern/Thai/Mexican/Lebanese mother might make.

If you are interested, you can read some of my other writing over at Food Dude’s amazing website Portland Food and Drink.

In my formative years, I worked more food service jobs than I can count, from a high-end traditional Japanese restaurant in a large city to a grease-pit diner off Interstate 5. And I still have a nasty case of espresso wrist from the 10 billion lattes made during my barista years. I also have an educational background that includes food sciences and politics, and try to take a big picture view of the role that all things gastronomic have in shaping the economy, culture, identity, and eve- changing food scene both here and elsewhere. I also believe Portland is at a pivotal and creative time food wise, and I am constantly amazed and surprised at the bounty this city has to offer