Tight Tacos


Location: 602 SE Salmon at Jacobsen Salt
Hours: Daily, including weekends, 12-7pm

The Story: Rolling down 39th, I needed water, so just south of Belmont, I popped into the 39th Mini Mart, your ever typical corner market filled with chips, candy bars, beer and 4loco. Upon exit, a green haired kid strolled by with a plate of beautiful tacos. Wawawawah? Then I smelled it. Grilled meats. I followed my nose around the corner to find the cute little operation named Tight Tacos.

The cart is adorably tiny with two wide open windows and everything on display. I do enjoy seeing a basket of fresh citrus and onions and the open grill where the different cuts of meat are segregated off, ready to be served. No hiding behind the swinging kitchen door. Also, when I walked up, fresh tortillas grilled happily. Reggie Ballesteros opened food cart earlier this summer bringing California style street tacos to the Rose City.

The menu offers tacos and burritos with options including Al Pastor, Carnitas, Asada, Chorizo (made with Chicken) and event False Pastor made with cauliflower. Being a huge fan of Chorizo, I decided on that and Asada. I picked both with “The Works” which includes guacamole and crema. The star of the party is the thick handmade masa tortilla. Chewy and so well made, it stayed folded in my hand until the end of every bite. When was the last time you ate a taco and it didn’t fall apart before the end? Not here. Each taco left me breathless. The chorizo is creamy and had some kick; the asada, lean and perfectly grilled. Each topped with fresh white onion and cilantro, these are tacos everyone should be eating.

When people ask me where to find great tacos, I send them to the east side and Tight Tacos has proven me right. Great execution and a tasty product. Located just behind the mini mart, Tight Tacos offers two tables with tents so you can sit and enjoy your meal. Next time you’re needing your street taco fix, go see Reggie and let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.


Facebook: Tight Tacos


  1. John F. MacMichael says

    Tight Tacos is moving because of a rent hike. I went there for lunch Thursday, Nov. 2nd and found them packing up to relocate. If I got it right, their new location will SE Salmon and 7th Ave.

  2. John F. MacMichael says

    Tight Tacos is still making great tacos. The new location is 602 SE Salmon; by the Jacobsen Salt Company and a block over from Rejuvenation.

  3. I think he should have named his cart Hardly-Used Dick. Because I can’t imagine a man who would name his cart Tight Tacos, gets laid much or well. Get a clue, it’s vulgar and insulting to women.

  4. These look good, definately going to have to check them out next time I’m in that part of town. dieselboi needs to come out to the real eastside of town. There’s a great Mexican food truck called “Los Franco’s” around 120th and Stark, across the street from the car dealership, FIRE! Best burritos and gigantic tortas.

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