Mole Prehispanic Cuisine

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Mole Prehistoric Cuisine

Location: 5885 NW St Helens Rd in the parking lot of Anderson Roofing
Hours: Weekdays, lunch

The Story: Our food scene here in Portland continues to mature. Every day, I’m overjoyed by the layers of flavor offered by street food vendors throughout the city. Mole Prehispanic Cuisine, a new food truck out off HWY 30, brings us mole from Oaxaca and they are the real deal.

Chef Luis Ochoa, veteran of Isabel in the Pearl, works out of a truck parked of a highway, creating dynamic and exciting mole daily. Originating in the southern most regions of Mexico in the state of Oaxaca, Chef Luis crafts an rhapsody of dried chiles, seeds, nuts, herbs and spices to pair with locally grown meats to create the moles. After a few visits to Sauvie Island on the weekends and seeing the closed truck, I decided to pop in for lunch on a Monday. Four Mole dishes are on the menu – beef, pork, lamb and chicken. Yet, each is defined by the complexity of the mole. Chef Luis offered up a sample taste of each and dutifully explained the differences. I almost ordered them all. Not one to accept samples, these tiny tastes assisted me in choosing lunch.

Mole food cart portland

Mole Verde from Mole Prehistoric Cuisine

The Mole Verde – Carlton Farms pork slow roasted and paired with a light herbaceous, yet zesty Oaxacan mole of tomatillos, pablanos and pepitas. I chose the verde for the spiciness. A forkful of pork, stirred in the rich green mole and a bit of brown rice and quinoa and my taste buds united in joy. Each dish is served with the rice and quinoa blend along with fresh greens topped with a pineapple salsa and pickled onions. Mix a bit of the pineapple with the mole – Boom!

Beyond the main dishes, Mole Prehistoric Cuisine also serves up fresh made empanadas and daily specials. Exploring the depths of regional cuisine ignites a passion in me about all foods. I’m excited to see Chef Luis bring his dishes to Portland’s streets. Find the truck parked at the Anderson Roofing Materials lot out off HWY 30 south of the St. Johns Bridge. Let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

  • Mole Negro – primitive Oaxacan mole with braised St. Helen’s beef brisket – $8
  • Mole Verde – $8
  • Mole Colaradito – Anderson Ranches lamb, braised with guajillo chilies, mild spices, cinnamon and clove – $8
  • Mole De Castilla – organic chicken pan poached and matched with earthy mole of dark chocolate, spice and fruit – $8
  • Empanadas – $3

Facebook: Mole PDX
Twitter: @MolePDX
Phone: 503 875 9134


  1. WHATT??? No vegetarian options!!!!!! Bet your mole is all made with chicken broth too!

    : (

  2. Outstanding! Four different moles, all excellent! Two empanadas (one seemed to be veg, but did not ask, could be fat somewhere in the prep) with tasty dipping sauces. I was excited and ordered one of almost everything. Each of four entrees was enough, but I soldiered through two, Hope he relocates closer in, but worth the trip, even by bus, which stops right in front of cart.

  3. Victor Bellic says

    I’m pretty sure this is not authentic Mexican Mole, probably some south american take on what is Mexican Mole.

    I have seen and eaten Mole Verde and Traditional Mole and it looks nothing like what this cart is selling.

  4. Oh victor, the traditional and the verde are just like traditional Mexican Mole. How do I know? Guess where I am from? Just stop. You have a French last name and have probably never been to Southern Mexico.

  5. Carmen Martinez says

    The mole is to die for…and the empanadas are amazing with the dipping sauce. I found my best mole ever 🙂

  6. Hi – was hoping to get lunch today. What are your hours?

  7. Where are l
    They located now?
    Chequed out their FB page and looks like they have moved around.
    I’d like to try their mole

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