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Big Fat Weiners has returned with a truck and an expanded menu. I remember the day I visited their cart when they were downtown and one of the owners was dressed in a hot dog suit. Crazy. These days, the food truck is parked at an ever changing lot on NE 15th and Alberta and they have expanded the menu with almost 20 different options.

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Slow Roasted Brisket Dog

New to the menu – a slow roasted brisket dog with lemony horse sauce and fried coffee infused onion strings.

See our original story from 2010 below.

If you were walking down the street and saw a guy in a hot dog suit dancing in the sidewalk, what would you do? What would you do? Well, we stopped for a tasty dog. Newcomers to the Ash St Pod are David and Jason who opened Big Fat Weiners just down from Big A** Sandwiches. I see a mashup in the future.

Big Fat Weiners is a hot dog cart with attitude and a dash of hilarity. Along with the hot dog suit David had on, Jason was sporting a hot dog hat. Who can’t resist chatting these guys up and walking away with a dog. They differentiate themselves from other dog carts by offering up different options with their franks. You can get a dog with chipotle cream cheese and bacon; roasted garlic, mushrooms and Swiss; smashed avocado and Fritos and a few more interesting combinations. Fritos with avocado and a hot dog? That just sounds odd, but interesting and tasty!

I enjoyed a dog with smoked jalapeno cream cheese while my lunch mate had the roasted garlic with mushrooms and Swiss dog – topped with bacon. We hadn’t seen bacon as an option, so asked and were told, “we sometimes put bacon on everything.” Both dogs were enjoyable along with the colorful conversation with the guys.

David and Jason have the right approach and attitude to succeed in the cart business. They engage their customers, keep it light and offer a good product. They also have the chops to handle the late night bar crowd from the old town taverns. Big Fat Weiners is a mobile cart with a temporary tent. They are working on a more permanent structure that will allow them to be open even when it is windy and rainy. If you are down that way, drop on by Big Fat Wieners and let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

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  1. Relegated to “my lunchmate” 🙁 How sad. You didn’t even use the “action shot”.

    (just kidding – I do enjoy joining you on the cart excursions… it’s interesting how you introduce yourself and chat the cart folks up).

  2. Jason and dave says

    Big Fat Weiners would like to thank foodcartofportland for this wonderful review. Big Fat Weiners is a new business and is very greatful for all the support. We will be open Friday 30th from 11am until 3am and again on Saturday May 1st from 11am until 3am, at SW 3rd & Ash in downtown Portland.

  3. This is making me drüüül. Judging by this entry, though, at the moment, you guys don’t carry a veggie dog, right? Guh. If I bring my own, will you cook it and add all your drool-inducing toppings to my bitch-ass dog?

  4. Anastasia, just around the corner on 2nd and Ash is the long standing bratwurst cart that does have a veggie brat on their menu.

  5. I hate that you guys dont have vegie burgers, and that you are kind of cocky when customers don’t stop by your cart to eat.

  6. thank you again for truly the best hot dog in the world. Whenever we have a landing planned in Downtown Portland, the first thing the team says is: “Yeah Hot dogs”
    Good job guys, see you soon,

    your Konect Aviation team

  7. Where is this place? I was up there on Wednesday, and ended up eating at Big A** Sandwiches, because I didn’t see this hot dog cart anywhere at all. Were they not there, or am I missing something?

  8. What’s a “WEINER”? where I come from it’s spelled “WIENER”, I wonder if a Weiner gets served with cheese?

  9. Sandy Newman (Wilson) says

    I was following one of your trucks on I-5 South this morning and all kinds of nasty greasy crap was coming off of the roof of the truck and getting all over my brand-new truck I will take a picture and post this on your website clean your act up.

  10. When are you guys coming back to Lithia Subaru in Oregon city, there are a couple guys that want to do the spicy wiener challenge!

  11. David Thornton says

    New location in Gresham at Mt. Hood Community college starting the 28th of June 2017

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