Bing Mi!

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Bing Mi!

Location: SW 9th and Alder
Hours: Mon-Friday, 7:30am-3pm; Saturday, 11am-4pm

The Story: While Portland has some great Chinese restaurants, Chinese cuisine has not made much inroads into the street food scene. A couple here and there, but with the proliferation of Chinese throughout the American landscape, one would think a food cart would be another foray. The owners of Bing Mi! thought just that. A food cart focusing on a unique Chinese dish.

Bing Mi! opened earlier this year with their single dish, the Jian Bing, ubiquitous street food from northern China. Similar to a crepe and using the same tools, the owners create a unique wrap which includes scrambled egg, black bean paste, chili sauce, pickled vegetables, green onion, cilantro, and a crispy fried cracker. They first spread out the crepe mix on a circular griddle and drop an egg atop which then scrambles before adding the additional goodies. The end result is crisp and crunchy with the fried cracker adding texture. You can order it mild, medium or spicy (about a Thai 3.) Truly a savory treat and just the right size for $6. The spicy and savory mix of egg and black bean paste along with the bite of pickled veggies create a great treat for a sunny walk in downtown.

Chinese food cart portlandBing Mi! is open for breakfast and lunch throughout the week and lunch on Saturdays. Located on SW 9th, just north of Alder, the cart is right in the middle of food cart heaven. If you’re looking for something fresh and new, drop on by and let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

  • Jian Bing – $6

Twitter: @Bing_Mi


  1. SW, not SE?

  2. Thanks. Corrected.

  3. Several people in my office ate here last week, spread across several different days. We all came away happy.

    They’ll add sausage for $1, extra egg for $.50, and extra cracker for $.50. All are worthwhile upgrades.

    The spiciness is very nice. It has some heat (not a ton) but it doesn’t linger, so you can go “hot” without blowing out your taste buds. I’ll be back.

  4. whdgm66 says

    she is free to make money how she deems fit, but she doesn’t even use the correct characters for jianbing. instead of 煎饼, she chose 剑兵 or “sword soldier”. it really seems like she doesn’t even know, since is it isn’t indicated anywhere that it’s intended as a pun. she couldn’t even ask a chinese friend – that one ASSUMES she made during her time in china?

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