Casting Call for Great Food Truck Race 2014


The Great Food Truck Race is back for another round and is actively seeking entrepreneurs and thrill seekers who want to open their own Food Truck. Hang out with Tyler Florence and drive around the country are an added bonus. The Great Food Truck Race is an excellent opportunity for newbies who are interested in opening a food truck to get behind the scenes experience and have great fun along the way. You and two teammates would make up the team and the Food Network and the producers supply the rest.

Great Food Truck Race 2013 in Portland

Great Food Truck Race 2013 in Portland

To apply, send the following information – Name, age, phone number, photo, proposed teammates and photos, description of your culinary background and the idea of your truck to the following email address:


  1. Michelle Okazaki says:

    Good morning,
    I’m very interested but I need to know how much time I would need to commit to.
    So when I request time off from work.

    Thank you,
    Michelle R Okazaki

  2. dieselboi says:

    Please email the producers listed in the post.

  3. William Gray says:

    Hi when is the entry deadline for Food Truck Race? Thank you- William Gray

  4. Maurisa Schauls says:

    What are the dates that are required?

  5. Cruz Soto says:

    Hello, What dates are required? What is the entry deadline?

  6. Stacey blasen says:

    Hello. I am extremely interested in applying to be on the great food truck race. I have great food ides and am motivated to start a business. When do I need to apply by and how many days/weeks will I need to dedicate?

  7. Hello FoodTruckRaceCasting, I would like to know when is the entry deadline and where is it going to take place???? Thank you.

  8. Denise Goyette says:

    I a so interested in participating it is my dream to own my own food truck please inform me how to go about entering for a chance to join the challenge

  9. Really interested in participating in the food truck race… I recently purchased my truck and in the process of having it customized. I would love to into the race, if it’s not to late please send me information on how to enter the race..

    Fingers crossed…

  10. Sheila Pinkerton says:

    I am very interested in starting a Foodtruck business. I am currently putting together a business plan and proposal for investors. We want to sell Gourmet Coffee and pastries and home style hot soups. Please contact me with further information.

  11. There should be a canadian version of this show, I would definitely be interested.

  12. Troy Joseph says:

    I would like to receive info if any , about The Great Food Truck Race. Thanks in advanced

  13. Jose agredano says:

    would love to be on your show please call me when there is a spot available have been cooking and in the field for 10 years or more would love to have my own truck that’s one of the things that inspire

  14. Kelly Thomas says:

    Info on the casting for season 6. Thank you.

  15. Make my day. Let the rabbit have the Gun

  16. Stacie Minot says:

    ooooh so excited. I get butterflies just thinking about competing. 2015 here I come!

  17. Monaka Glover says:

    I’m really really looking forward to joining the race for 2014-2015 so ready to get started boy im so excited I’m rreeeaaddyy look out cause here i come.

  18. Would like some information on when the casting call for the next season of the great food truck race

  19. All, I don’t manage the casting for the Great Food Truck Race. Please contact the contact details in the post.

  20. Tonia Castle says:

    Hello me and my family need this so bad I’ve been cooking for a very long time soul food queen hands down.

  21. Lynn Garcia says:

    Love your Great Food Truck Race!!!! When will be the next casting auditions for the season 6?