The Döner Haus

Döner Haus

Döner Haus


Location: N Mississippi and Beech
Hours: Tues-Sat, 11an-8p

The Story: North Mississippi continues to evolve with new street food vendors opening monthly. At a small lot at the intersection of Beech, The Döner Haus has opened, bringing a new type of sandwich Mississippi hasn’t yet seen.

Döner is a Turkish dish made of meat cooked on a vertical spit, usually lamb or a mixture of lamb and beef. I first enjoyed döner travelling in Germany which has a large population of Turkish immigrants and has integrated the dish into their own collective menu. The meat is usually ground and seasoned then stacked on the spit which rotates on a vertical rotisserie to sear it. It is then shaved off in thin slices and put into either a sandwich or a wrap.

Döner from Döner Haus

Döner from Döner Haus

At The Döner Haus, they offer the döner, a sandwich, the dürüm, a wrap, or the döner box, with döner and veggies atop a bed of fries. You can get any of these dishes with döner, grilled chicken or vegetable. I picked the döner with a fresh ciabatta bun, meat, lettuce, tomato, red onions, cabbage,  feta and their house made sauce. I started walking down the street thinking I would just enjoy it on the walk home, but after the first bite, I stopped and found a place to sit so I could enjoy it fully and not spill to much on my coat. Each bite included the coolness of the veggies mixed with the salty meat and dry feta. The ciabatta was fresh and a perfect platform for this sandwich. All in all, a tasty sandwich which I definitely will return for.

The Döner Haus opened in September at the corner of N Mississippi and Beech across from Amnesia Brewing. There is covered seating in the lot and they are open Tuesday to Saturday for lunch through the dinner hour. Drop on by next time you’re in the mood for a new lunch. Let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

  • Döner – sandwich made with meat, vegetables and cheese on ciabatta roll – $7
  • Dürüm – choice of meat and sauce, vegetables wrapped in lavash – $7
  • Döner Box – choice of meat and sauce, vegetables atop a bed of fries – $7

Phone: (360) 607-8017
Facebook: The Döner Haus



  1. I miss their restaurant location in Vancouver. A lot of kids from my high school would eat there. I moved to Arizona about 7 years ago, but still come back to visit my family from time to time. About 5 years ago I was coming back for a visit and dreaming of sinking my teeth into a nice doner before heading to my parents’ house only to find the restaurant location was closed. I’ve been going through withdrawal ever since. Someone has to tell Mike to get another restaurant location before I move back to the ‘Couve. lol

  2. Kinda disappointed in them. I was really hoping for some doner that brought me back to when I lived in Germany. The bread is too thick and the sauce was only okay.

  3. Pat Johnson says

    I had my traditional sandwich during Apple Blossom in Wenatchee Wa a couple weeks ago. Was so disappointed the chicken had so much anise or fennel in the marinade that it ruined it for me. My friend tried the chicken and said (way too much anis I was sorry to see they had changed the recipe.

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