Gresham Reviewing Food Cart Rules


If you’ve ever travel beyond the city, you’ll discover a different approach to mobile vending. Many cities have strict regulations with regards to food carts and food trucks even though vendors may be fully licensed with the board of health. Gresham, a city that has a long history with mobile vendors, is one of those cities with some older, restrictive code which admittedly aren’t being actively enforced. Over the past year, they have been working with their constituents and planners to draft revised city code in order to embrace the new model of mobile vending.

It excites me how Gresham has approached this project with public input in the form of a survey and an advisory board comprising of civic leaders, restaurant owners, mobile vendors and myself. The group has met twice to review proposed changes and has been able to offer recommendations so as to create a level playing field for the vendors along with satisfying the public’s concerns. Having the public have a voice is vastly different than how it works in many other cities.

On Tuesday, January 29, the city will host an open house and community forum at Gresham City Hall to present the new code and gather input from the public. You can find all the details about the proposed new code at GreshamOregon.Gov/foodcarts.

Gresham Community Forum on Food Cart Rules
January 29, 6:30pm Open house; 7-8:30pm Community Forum
Gresham City Hall, 1333 NW Eastman Pkwy Room 3a


  1. Food Cart Rules: don’t get anyone sick. There should be very simple rules if any at all for food carts . Smack a warning label up to the public and enjoy your meal. Government stay out.
    – U.S. Constitution

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