Rescue Bagels to the Rescue!

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New cart alert! New cart alert! We’ve learned one thing over the years, Portlanders go crazy for a few things, but especially Beer, Bikes, Coffee and Bagels. New York bagel lovers especially shout loud and proud for “real authentic” boiled and baked dough with a hole. And while the bagel landscape in our very Pacific NW city has improved a lot over the past few years, we still hear wistful longings that Portland just doesn’t have enough “real bagels”.

Enter Rescue Bagels to the rescue, promising authentic NY style bagels with all the fixings. Handmade and baked from scratch every single morning. From the Food Carts Portland email inbox, hot off the bagel presses:

  • Who: Rescue Bagels, founded by Kevin Lawler
  • What: Boiled bagels, breakfast sandwiches, assorted cream cheese, available individually or to-go in bulk
  • Where: SW 6th and Columbia in downtown Portland
  • When: Opening Monday, January 14th and open Monday-Saturday. Hours will be Mon-Fri 7 AM to 1:30 PM and Saturday 9 AM to Noon.

Additional information: When Kevin Lawler moved back to Oregon from New York City, he missed the bagels. He began experimenting in his home kitchen, trying to re-create the bagels he would eat in his Brooklyn neighborhood. Eventually, he got the recipe right and started sharing it with others. After getting very positive feedback and a lot of encouragement, he decided to open a food cart to serve his authentic, boiled bagels.

Rescue Bagels will be located at SW 6th and Columbia and part of a brand new pod of carts.

In additional to grabbing individual breakfast sandwiches or bagels with cream cheese, customers will also be able to pick up bagels and assorted flavors of cream cheese to take home or to their offices.

You can


Rescue Bagels is also on twitter

Phone: 971-266-4012


I’ll take mine Poppyseed with lox and a “schmear” please, “coffee regular” on the side.(that’s NY insider bagel speak, btw). We’ll hit Rescue Bagels next week and keep you posted.  Stay tuned…


  1. At the outset…I’m a New Yorker living at the Oregon coast.
    Here’s some reality for the rest of you. New Yorkers know bagels. Period. You don’t. WE DO. (That’s why they always attack NY, because we are frikkin’ NY)
    New Yorkers deserve, and make the best bagels in the world. Too bad, that’s a fact. Oregon kicks our butts at crab and beer…so what.
    Quit whining. Rescue Bagel will soon make up for the loss of Kettlemans. Go find the cart. Or continue to go to places that specialize in grande lattes and mochas, and eat their rolls with holes in the middle and blog about how good they are…blah blah, blah.
    Rescue’s is pure genius. The guy’s gonna be rich. He sells out of bagels…he frikkin’ sells out of bagels, as in: EVERYONE HAS BOUGHT & EATEN EVERYTHING HE’S BOILED & BAKED.
    All this adds up to one thing…Rescue Bagels is the real deal.
    If you gotta problem with that…who cares…more for me and every other New Yorker living out here, all of us bleeding Pinstripes from The Bronx, Brookyn, Queens, Manhattan, and Staten Island. Go…don’t reply…I don’t care about your uneducated opinion…buy a freakin great bagel on SW 6th

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