New Carts, Moves and Closures


Happy New Year. Some updates:

New Carts:

  • Southern Belles – in St. Johns in the lot at the Fixin’ To.
  • Savor the Chill – vegan frozen desserts – PSU Park Blocks
  • The Good Stuff – SW 3rd and Stark
  • Cafe de Crepe – Good Food Here at SE 43rd and Belmont
  • Falafel Gyro Masters – SW 9th and Washington
  • Vendors will be serving lunch in the Lloyd District outside the Kaiser building starting Jan 2.


  • Ole Latte is moving to SW 10th and Alder and will open this month
  • Woohoo Waffles has moved to SE 32nd and Hawthorne
  • Fire and Knives has moved to North Station at N Greeley and Killingsworth
  • Bro-Dogs has gone mobile and is no longer on SW 5th and Stark


  • The Last Word has closed until spring
  • The Big Egg is closed until February
  • Artigiano is closed until February
  • Rip City Grill on South Waterfront is closed until February
  • Ragin Cajun at A la Carts Food Pavilion is closing on January 6.
  • Thien Nghi’s has closed and is now a new vendor

Eat at a food cart.


  1. Bill Osburn says:

    RE: new cart “Stonewall Banks Seafood”…Our cart is call “The Good Stuff” at the 3rd and stark pod. We are on the stark side, between 3rd and 2nd.

  2. Bill Osburn says:

    Stonewall Banks Seafood cart name is “The Good Stuff”. We have our Smoked salmon breakfast burritos and fish and chips from the local farmers markets as well Breakfast items like Omelettes, bacon, sausage, and pancakes. We also offer Carne asada burritos, and fries with Carne asada or bacon, or chilli cheese.

  3. Does Scott of Bro-Dogs have contact info anywhere, so that one can find out which special events he might be at – or to hire him for special events?

  4. John, If you’re looking to connect with Scott, drop us a line at If you’re looking for mobile vendors for events, email

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