The Mighty Bowl

The Mighty Bowl

The Mighty Bowl

Location: Vancouver, WA – check for current location
Hours: lunchtime, Mon-Fri

The Story:

Took a field trip north to visit a new food truck roaming the streets of Vancouver. Serving up tasty rice and bean bowls, The Mighty Bowl has captured the eater’s hearts as displayed by the line at 1pm.

The Mighty Bowl is the first food truck to roam the streets of Vancouver, a city that has not followed Portland’s model of food carts and is known for some challenging regulations. Owner Steve Valenta, his wife, Sherilee, and their longtime friend, Kevin DeGraw banded together to design and build one good looking truck and work through the city’s regulations. With the simple idea of healthy rice and bean bowls, they’ve been serving regularly at multiple locations since spring.

Rice bowls for me date back a decade or more. Over the years, I’ve eaten my share of bowls and keep coming back. At The Mighty Bowl, there are different options to add dynamic flavor, but the dish is simply brown rice, black beans, cheddar cheese, olives, salsa, avocado, sour cream, cilantro and sauce. If you do all those single ingredients well with a killer sauce, you create an awesomely healthy dish. The Kiggins bowl comes with spicy chipotle sauce generously distributed throughout so you don’t spill trying to mix it all together. While there was spice to the sauce, the smokiness of the chipotle was the most memorable. Every bite, every spoonful included at least four of the ingredients making the entire meal an enjoyable eating event. All dishes are gluten free and some are nut and egg free in addition.

The Mighty Bowl is one of those food trucks you see on TV with an amazing wrap presenting their logo. Downtown Vancouver isn’t that large, so if you’re driving around, you may happen upon them one day. Or, if you want to seek them out, they post their daily schedule on their website – If you live and work in Vancouver, you should venture out and enjoy one of their bowls or wraps. If you’re in Portland, take a field trip north, it isn’t too far away. Let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

Regular bowl, $6; Large, $6.50 and all bowls can be made into wraps for $7.25

  • Mighty Bowl – brown rice, black beans, avocado, cheddar cheese, sour cream, cilantro, olives, salsa with a tangy house sauce
  • Kiggins Bowl – spicy chipotle sauce
  • Peanut Bowl – peanut sauce

Twitter: @Mightybowl
Facebook: The Mighty Bowl



  1. Jack Djarme says

    Love the mighty bowl too. But one thing rubs be wrong–they’re not the first food cart in Vancouver. Not even close. The most amazing taco-trucks have been running around the Couve since before PDX was even known for its food carts. There’s been a hot dog food cart in Down town for as long as anybody can remember. And, heck, there was another food cart that opened almost on the same day in central Vancouver.

    Again mighty bowl is a great shop, and done well, but it ain’t the only game in town, or even the first.

  2. Melissa Carroll says

    To Jack:

    There is a difference between food carts and food trucks. Food carts are stationary and don’t have the ability to move around the city because of restrictions from the city health codes. The Mighty Bowl is actually the first “food truck” in the city. They move to different locations and are the only ones permitted to do so from the city. They worked very hard for the ability to do this… least a couple of years from what I understand. So they do deserve the title of the first food truck. 🙂


    PS—>> The food is amazing!

  3. Jack Djarme says

    You’re wrong, with respect. I work with the health department, and colleagues who inspect carts/trucks throughout the county. Like I said, not the first. Only the best looking and marketed. Don’t mean to take anything away from them. Just give credit where credit is due.

  4. Jack, as an “inspector” you then should know the true definition of a food truck is ;
    Web definitions
    A food truck, mobile kitchen, or mobile canteen is a mobile venue that sells food. Some, including ice cream trucks, sell mostly frozen…

    Although I do Frequent the taco trucks you speak so highly of they are in the same spot every day, in fact one never moves. They to me would rate as carts more than a “food truck” even if they are trucks. But it all rates as non traditional food places and are all good. Peace love and pork fat.

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