The Slammer Burgers

The Slammer Burgers

The Slammer Burgers

N Killingsworth and Greeley, North Station
Hours: Daily, lunch

The Story:

The food cart pod North Station in the Overlook neighborhood has seen a lot of changes since opening in 2010. While the original vendors who called it home for a season or more have moved on, there are new players like The Slammer Burgers who see opportunity.

The Slammer Burgers isn’t necessarily a new vendor. The bright red cart was a fixture down on Belmont for a year before moving north. As you can imagine, the cart features burgers and a quick review of the menu points to a creative mind in sandwich making and naming. Maybe you’re a simple burger eater – get the ‘Solitary’ with just a burger on a bun. Or, possibly, you don’t want beef – get the ‘Jail Bird’ with a turkey burger. I wanted some bold tastes, so grabbed the ‘I Got the Blues’ with blue cheese, pickled cabbage, onion and pesto aioli. Served on a pub bun from Portland French Bakery, the mixture of the creamy blue cheese with the vinegared pickled cabbage was genius. We were able to pop inside Handsome Pizza on the lot and enjoy our burgers out of the rain.

I got the Blues from The Slammer Burgers

I got the Blues from The Slammer Burgers

The Slammer Burgers joined just a few others on the lot and offers a great product for a good price. Drop on by and enjoy a burger or fries and let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

  • The Slammer – burger with the fixin’s – $6
  • I got the Blues – burger with blue cheese, pickled cabbage, onion and pesto aioli – $6
  • Solitary – burger along on a bun – $5
  • Jail Bird – turkey burger with fixin’s and avocado spread – $6
  • I Object! – gardenburger – $6

Facebook: The Slammer Burgers


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