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Ramy’s Lamb Shack 2

Location: Mobile


The Story:

Ramy has expanded! I distincly remember the day I visited Ramy’s Lamb Shack at Cartlandia in SE Portland and enjoyed my first Egyptian style falafel. Ever since, I have been trying falafel from mobile vendors throughout the city and beyond to see which one measures up. Ramy still holds the trophy. Ramy opened a second location in October at the Rose City Food Park on NE 52nd and Sandy. A bright blue food truck you can’t miss. Same menu and same great service. Drop on by and let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Original Ramy’s writeup on Food Carts Portland.

Sample Menu:

  • Lamb Gyro – $8.99
  • Chicken Gyro – $6.99
  • Kafta Gyro – $7.99
  • Falafel – $5.99
  • Baklava – $2.50 or 5 for $10
  • Lamb Kabob plate – $9.99

Hours: Mon-Sun, 11am-7pm
Phone: 503.381.7783
Twitter: @Ramys_LambShack
Facebook: Ramy’s Lamb Shack



  1. This is not the type of gyro that gets shaved off the rotating spit.
    I think it’s just griddled, but can’t be sure.
    It’s bland and overpriced.
    For $5.00, the hummus “platter” was about 3 ounces of hummus (without garlic in it as far as I could tell) and a pita.
    It’s a shame that you can’t get decent middle eastern food in the Hollywood District.
    Don’t bother with this place.

    D’Agostino’s is a pretty good Italian cart in the same food cart pod, though.
    Also, the bagel place and taco cart are both nice.
    I haven’t tried the others yet.

  2. I don’t know what this Andrew guy is talking about. The lamb here is great. Has a nice marinade and is in chunks of real lamb meat. That sliced crap you get downtown is gross, not real lamb. a mixture of beef and lamb and is bready and probably full of tons of additives and I doubt local. I also like that the lamb is grass-fed local organic lamb. I don’t know how much grass fed lamb cost but grass fed beef is at least twice as expensive as normal beef, so I bet you are paying for good quality meat. The baklava ere is pretty good too. I do agree that I wish there was more that came with the hummus plate. Maybe some tahini sauce. Lol idk

  3. Ba Nguyen says

    The lamb gyro was incredible. The meat was literally dripping out juice from the wrapper the entire time I was eating it. The quality was almost steak like in texture and flavor. The flavor itself was marinaded very subtly and was not over powering which brought the natural organic grass fed meat flavor to the surface. The vegetables used were freshly chopped and crisp, covered in a mild greek yogurt sauce. This entire thing was the size of a chipotle burrito.

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