Food Carts for the Lloyd District


Our friends at the Lloyd TMA Pedestrian Committee would like to see about getting some mobile vendors over to the other downtown. We think that is a grand idea.

There’s a strong market in the Lloyd District for food carts according to the Lloyd TMA’s Pedestrian Committee. The Lloyd Transportation Management Association (TMA) is a non-profit business association that helps Lloyd employers and employees to walk, bike rideshare and take transit to work. Their Pedestrian Committee works to make walking safe, fun and easy in the Lloyd District. One of the committee’s goals is to create more interesting destinations that motivate people to walk — which is where food carts come in.

The TMA launched a survey last May to establish how much support there is for more food carts. Currently, there are only a handful of carts in the Lloyd District. Nearly 1,300 people took the survey and 92% are employees. Over 86% said they would buy lunch from food carts if there was a wider variety of appealing food. Over 40 % said they would buy dinner. The TMA also asked what cuisines would be preferred. “Ethnic” was favored by the majority with Mexican, vegetarian, soup, and burgers also ranking highly. A majority of respondents said that the most time they have to walk to food carts at lunch is 6-15 minutes which is a maximum of 18 blocks. Over half said they would walk no more than 10 minutes which is 9 blocks. Of those who said they would not patronize food carts, a concern about, or perception of, unsanitary conditions was a primary reason.

If you’re interested in locating a food cart in the Lloyd District, please contact Moira Green at 503-236-6441 or


  1. As one of the employees who responded enthusiastically to this survey, I certainly hope it happens! I’d love to have more lunch (and occasional dinner) options in the area, and carts are a good way to have a high density of options.

  2. I’m one of the Lloyd employees who took the TMA’s survey. I’ve worked in this district for almost 2 years now and it always surprised me that there weren’t more food carts here. With so many high-rise office buildings, it seems an obvious place for a cart pod or three. I’d especially love to see an Indian food cart near 7th and Holladay!
    Hungry Heart Cupcakes visits our area once a week in the summertime, but they’re gone for the winter and we are seriously missing our cupcake fix.

  3. Please, please bring us food carts, or maybe even a whole food cart pod! We have tons of hungry office workers, convention-goers, tourists in the hotels, Blazers fans, Timbers fans who park here and ride the Max across town… and not many places to eat!

  4. Oh god yes we need you! Come bring us your carts!

  5. I just called about spaces available in the Lloyd district, and was told that the land owners are saying NO to food carts. So…..bummer!

  6. If you see spaces in Lloyd district where you think a food cart could be squeezed in, contact Moira and the committee can do the research on the landowners and if they are amenable to food carts:

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