Cash Mob at SW 10th and Alder – Friday, 9/7


A few months ago, presidential nominee Mitt Romney came to the Governor Hotel for a fundraiser during the lunch hour. For security reasons, the Secret Service closed down Alder between SW 10th and 11th and forced the food carts on that lot to close. Many were surprised by this and lost not only a day of sales but also some of the food they had already prepped. We have now learned of another visit – this one by vice presidential nominee Ryan. On Monday, he will visit Portland for a fundraiser at the Governor.

Representative Earl Blumenauer has taken up the cause for the food carts in Washington working to mitigate the closures that have occurred. Since it is in the hands of the Secret Service, the closure will more than likely take place, so Representative Blumenauer has called for everyone to visit the carts on Friday September 7 and show your support for Portland’s smallest of small businesses. While we recommend you eat at the carts every single day, make a special visit on Friday and eat some of the best street food in the city and help them make up for the sales they will lose on Monday. There are 65 food carts on the two lots, so plenty of choices for even the pickiest eater. Bring a friend.

Cash Mob, SW 10th and Alder, Friday, 9/7

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