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Brett Burmeister
Sideshow Eatery

Sideshow Eatery


Location: SW 9th and Washington
Hours: M-Sat, 11-6pm; Sun, 11-4

The Story: Ok, I’ll confess, I worked at McDonald’s as a teenager. I even won some awards during my tenure there and still have a commemorative Monopoly beach towel from one of their contests in the 80’s. During that time, I ate more than my share of fries. What teenager didn’t? As I grew up though, I discovered fast-food fries were not the best. I went through the trials of visiting numerous establishment to find the perfect fry. While I have my favorites purveyors, what I’ve learned is that I prefer and enjoy the Belgian style that are double fried. Sideshow Eatery is bringing Pommes Frites to the Alder pod.

Pommes Frites, or as we call them, Belgian Fries are fresh cut potatoes fried twice, seasoned and served in a paper cone. That is the definition according to the Internets. At Sideshow Gallery, Jason follows the recipe to the tee. In a full size truck parked in the lot, you can see the racks of already once-fried fries ready to be fried again. After the second frying, the potatoes are crisp on the outside yet still soft on the inside. Jason seasons them and places them in a cone with your choice of sauce and adds in his own small wooden fork with the Sideshow flag. It’s like staking a claim.

Pommes Frites from Sideshow Eatery

Pommes Frites from Sideshow Eatery

Jason has a culinary background, yet with the truck, he had to fully gut it and rebuild using the other talents everyone has. The menu at the cart is simple – fries and poutine and beignets. The plan is to expand the menu in good time. Opening a food cart isn’t easy, so Jason is taking the time to figure out the next logical step. As I walked down the sidewalk with my cone of tasty bites with curry-ketchup atop, I struggled not to just shove it in my face and start munching. The fries were spot on crunchy and the ketchup had a great zing. I love the unique wooden fork which allowed me to eat a bit slower and not get all messy.

Sideshow Eatery is now open right on the corner of SW 9th and Washington. A Belgian treat sandwiched between Indian and Chinese. Drop on by for a sinful lunch or a side to whatever else you’re enjoying from the carts. Let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

  • Pommes Frites – Belgian Fries – sm, $4; lg, $6
  • Poutine – frites with curds and gravy – $7
  • Beignets – 5 for $3
  • Sauces: Catsup, Curry Catsup, Mayo, Garlic Mayo

Hours: M-Sat, 11-6pm; Sun, 11-4
Facebook: Sideshow Eatery




  1. has anyone tried the poutine?

  2. The Poutine is awesome. Squeaky curds and great gravy.

  3. maureen hallgrimson says

    I absolutely love the garlic sauce!!

  4. The poutine was just great. Awesome fries. The best I’ve had outside of Québec. This Quebecer highly recommends!

  5. His frites were fantastic. The curry ketchup and garlic mayonnaise make them out of this world! I don’t know which I like better so get both.


  7. Great job on the chicory coffee, Jason. And that beignet sample was great too. From scratch beats Cafe du Monde, fo sho!

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