Trinidad Doubles

Brett Burmeister
Cleopatra's Kitchen

Cleopatra’s Kitchen


Location: SE 13th and Lexington in Sellwood
Hours: Mon-Sat, 11:30-7:30, Sun, 12-8pm

The Story:

Sellwood has long been a hub for street food vendors. While many upstarts head to the larger lots where they get traffic from the collective sum of eaters, Sellwood is known for having single carts who do really well over the years. The success of those early carts helped make the lot at SW 13th and Lexington a hug of street for for the neighborhood. Cleopatra’s Kitchen Trinidad Doubles, the newest cart on the lot offers up Mediterranean cuisine.

Cleopatra’s Kitchen has been open for a few months now, with Sarah, the owner, having  taken the cart and menu over from the previous owner. The chef stayed and does his magic behind the grill. While the cart offers true Mediterranean cuisine like beef kafta and falafel and dolmas, Sarah is introducing something new items never seen before in Portland – Trinidad Doubles. Doubles are two fried breads with curry chickpea filling and a sweet and spicy green mango sauce. A Caribbean-Indian fusion street food. Having just heard about it and it being on my mind, I mentioned it to a cab driver in New Orleans and he almost crashed so surprised someone knew about this amazing street food from his country. Small world. The Trinidad Doubles hit the cart this week, so I haven’t tried them, but am eager to visit the cart again.

Falafel from Cleopatra's Kitchen

Falafel from Cleopatra’s Kitchen

I’m an eater and return to the same foods over and over again to figure out the nuances. I tell myself it is research to discover who’s doing what that differentiates them from the others. I did it for burgers awhile back and now I’m finding myself eating a lot of falafel where there is a ton of variety. Lebanese, Egyptian, Iraqi or Syrian. Each cart has their own recipe and I’m hard pressed to discover one I don’t like. Cleopatra’s Kitchen falafel was made fresh as I waited and you could tell by that first soft bite. Still warm from frying, the outer fried shell was not hardened by the cooking process. While browned, I loved that it just mixed in with the fresh vegetables and tahini sauce to create a mix of everything. I found myself reaching in and pulling out the falafel to eat by itself instead of in the sandwich it was so good. Soft and flavorful and oh so delicious.

Cleopatra’s Kitchen Trinidad Doubles is open daily for lunch through dinner right on the corner of SE 13th and Lexington in the Sellwood neighborhood. There are covered picnic tables behind the cart for anyone to sit at and get out of the elements. It was great to talk with Sarah about her new menu item. She is so excited to introduce Portland to the Trinidad Doubles. Drop on by soon, check them out and let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

[Cleopatra’s Kitchen was renamed to Trinidad Doubles in 2012]

Sample Menu:

  • Falafel Sandwich – $6
  • Dolma – 75c each
  • Chicken Schawarma Sandwich – $7.50
  • Lamp Gyro – $6.50
  • Beef Kafta – $6.50
  • Lamb Plate – $7
  • Trinidad Doubles – 2 for $1.25

Hours: Mon-Sat, 11:30-7:30, Sun, 12-8pm
Phone: 503 388 1809


  1. Sarah Mohammed says:

    We are also open Sundays from Noon to 8. Come try the Doubles. You’ll love ’em. Thanks for profiling our cart and food on your blog. 🙂

  2. Brought the family by Cleopatra’s Kitchen yesterday and tried the doubles….AMAZING!! We live in Gresham and our family agreed if this cart was closer we would be in trouble. The doubles are so light and tasty:) We also had a gyro and swarma that were big hits with us all.

  3. dieselboi says:

    Hours updated.

  4. We brought a large group last Sunday, and LOVED the food and choices. I will be back, and I will remind the guys to make my doubles with less pepper as I’m a light weight!! The gyros were awesome, and everyone really enjoyed the food taste and quality.

  5. Went there yesterday. The name has changed to Doubles but the food is the same. The Doubles are WONDERFUL and the Lamb was really good. The rice was Fantastic. I can’t wait to go back and try some of the other dishes.

  6. Hi Brett,
    This cart was purchased by Stephen and Sarah Mohammed and is now called Trinidad Doubles. We still serve the menu from Cleopatra’s Kitchen but have incorporated 4 new items from The Caribbean. So along with the Gyros, Chicken Shawarmas and Home-made Falafel we also have Doubles, Roti, fired chicken pies and roast pork sandwiches. We roast and blend our own pepper sauce and green mango sauce. Roti and Doubles are integral parts of the Trinidadian culture and we are proud to bring them to Portland. Please update our name and food items to your review of our cart. Thanks -Sarah

  7. Anjuli Dharna says:

    i need some doubles in portland!!! Help please

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