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SE 32nd and Hawthorne
Hours: Wed-Sun, 11am-midnight

The Story:

Standing there at the intersection of Folsom and 24th in San Francisco last summer, I watched the zombies in food induced coma as they moved from cart to cart at the San Francisco Street Food Festival. Among the legit carts participating there were a few going rogue. Little push carts selling bacon wrapped hot dogs with tons of toppings. Little did I know that these were traditional Sonoran dogs and now Portland has its first cart serving them up – Papa-Pau!

Luis Miramontes grew up in Sonora, a northern state in Mexico south of Arizona. His parents started with one of those push carts selling Sonoran dogs and grew the business to have twelve. Luis smiled and chuckled remembering his high school years spent wrapping hot dogs for the family business. Luis went on to school and became a plan reviewer until recently when he and his wife decided to pursue a food cart. Since there are already plenty of Mexican trucks throughout the city, Luis decided to try what he new best – his mother’s recipe. She gave it up, including how to make the homemade bun for the dog. I love hearing these types of stories. Every Sonoran dog they serve tells a generational story.

Sonoran Hot Dog

Sonoran Hot Dog

The Sonoran hot dog is either pork or beef, wrapped with bacon, grilled and topped with a huge list of condiments – chopped tomatoes and onions, pinto beans, grilled onions, mustard, mayo, jalapenos, guacamole, and cotija cheese. You can add more if you want – he has a giant list. The bun that carries all this is unique with both ends closed creating what Luis called an accordion that can hold both the dog and all the tasty additions. The bun also keeps everything together while you eat. Nothing squirts out the back or drops out the bottom and they are made in the cart. The dog was superb, a good quality dog mixed with the cold condiments and grilled onions made me smile. I just sat there, eating, listening to the wind waft through the trees while Mexican pop music played in the background.

Papa-Pau! has only been open for a couple of weeks and Luis already says they’ve been discovered. A group of men from sister state Sinaloa came on the second day of opening and had dinner at the cart for the next 9 days. This is a taste of home for them. Papa-Pau! is open Sunday-Thursday, 11am-midnight, Friday from 11am-9:30pm and then closed for the day on Saturday. They re-open for Saturday night at 9pm. Drop on by, say hi to Luis and his wife and let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

[Papa-Pau! has moved to SE 32nd and Hawthorne in November 2012]

Sample Menu:

The cart serves up the Sonoran style bacon wrapped hot dog with your choice of condiments and additions. You can get a Pork or Beef dog for $5 or a grilled turkey wiener for $4.

Hours: Wed-Sun, 11am-midnight
Phone: 503 890 3853
Facebook: Papa-Pau!


  1. Truly great dogs and excellent chillis. If you’re lucky enough to be there when there are fresh chips they serve as an excellent way to scoop up all the fallen condiments 🙂

    Even the turkey dogs are quite good but the pork ones are fantastic. While not diet food, this will definitely nourish your soul.

  2. A friend texted me and said he wanted to to go over to 82nd for Sonoran hot dog and I said there’s a Costco a lot closer and the dogs and drink are only a buck fifty. Well to make it a short story he won and we drove from Beaverton for a dog.

    I have to say I’d do it again. The Sonoran dog was everything I didn’t expect. It was tasty, I had the beef, the bum was soft but with a nice chew factor. The chili was mild but with a nice beany flavor. The sprinkling of Mexican cheese gave it a nice tang. Overall a mild but well balanced dog definitely worth the drive.

    If I had a complaint it would be that I like my bacon on the crisp side and they cook theirs on the limp side.

    The dog was $5 and the soft drink & house made potato chips adds another $2. So for $7 you get a great filling hot dog served by two of the nicest vendors in PDX.

    I’ll definitely stop again when I’m in the area.

  3. Veggie Dogs are good too!!!

  4. Very cool owner, great prices, tasty. Unfortunately, it’s just too difficult to eat for me; a few bites and it becomes one big salad. Lastly, this cart is faaaar off the “normal” beat and path.

  5. last friday 1/18/13 i walked 8 miles ( wanted to get a work out before lunch) to get a sonoran dog…. got thre around 230) wasnt open (WTF) hours are 11am-12am. Next day Saturday I drive by at 3pm…WTF NOT OPEN. SO PAPA POW wtf… you still selling dogs or did your green card expire

  6. What happened…been by a couple of times and your closed??? Would be nice if you closed to at least say why instead of making some of us come back to see the same thing….nothing…

  7. That was a piece of shit thing to say, Dan.

  8. Too bad seeing it closed 🙁 Tony’s Cucina also has an amazing Sonoran Dog

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