Organic Island Snow Shave Ice

Food Carts Portland

Location: On the Move (Often found at NE 15th and Alberta)

The Story: Aloha! Today on the Food Carts Portland’s It’s a Small World After All ride, we bring you a signature dish from the tropical islands of Hawaii. Yes, sun and beach loving Portlanders, it’s the sweet cold treat known as Hawaiian Shave Ice!

A True Shave Ice Machine

First off for the uninitiated, it’s SHAVE ICE, not Shaved ice. NO DEBATE. And Shave Ice is more than just a dessert or snack on the islands, it’s part of Hawaii’s soul. There are world famous Shave Ice shacks, and places with special signature flavors – everyone seems to have a favorite. The serious Shave Ice makers use only real fruit syrups made from real fruit purees, fresh juices, and fresh sugar cane (not just fruit flavored high fructose corn syrup junk). Real Shave Ice however, does share one other common trait – it’s all in the ice. Fluffy and fine, no grainy snow cone type ice crystals here. Organic Island Snow makes their Shave Ice the traditional way with a special hand cranked machine and a big block of ice, it looks like some Japanese steam punk art project inspired by the Industrial Age. Way cool (no pun intended).

Organic Island Snow, run by the dashing and charming Ilika, is the real deal Shave Ice. A native islander himself, Ilika is obsessive: all of his own syrups are made from scratch and he has his family ship over some of the fresh fruits, fruit purees, and yes, fresh sugar cane (in lieu of processed sugar) to make some of the most refreshing, bright and simply addictive icy sweets I’ve ever tasted. This is the only true Shave Ice way, my friends.

Flavors include all those wonderful tropical fruits we can never grow in Portland such as Litchi and Passion Fruit. While other closer to home flavors such as Strawberry and Peach, round out the offerings.

For now Organic Island Snow is a roaming cart – catch them as you can by checking out their Facebook Page. But, you can often find this open air cart at the Alberta15 pod on NE 15th and Alberta. Oh, and they also do catering in case you want some Shave Ice in lieu of a cake for your wedding, or even at your backyard BBQ. I know I would!

Mahalo, Organic Island Shave Ice for bringing a true taste of the Hawaiian Islands to Portland.

Sample Menu:

  • Kids Size (8 oz) – $2. Regular Size (16 oz) – $3
  • Flavors – Litchi Lemonade, Mango Pineapple, Passion Fruit, Mango, Peach Tangerine, Strawberry, Pink Guava, Peach

Hours: Varies
(503) 840-5252




  1. Love shave ice! How can I get in touch with the owner? I want to learn how to start my own portable shave ice business in S.F.

  2. Sandra, we put contact information (if it’s available) at the bottom of each post. Scroll down. It’s there.

  3. Kalani Lum says:

    Not too cool ripping off the name of the well known Island Snow in Hawaii.

  4. Aloha Kalani!

    The name of the business is “ORGANIC ISLAND SNOW” Shave Ice – not Island Snow!

    Mahalo nui loa and Malama pono,

  5. Kalani Lum says:

    I guess “Organic Starbucks” would be a great coffee shop to start up. If you feel it is “pono,” life must be different where you come from.

  6. I tried this place and it is okay.. it is NOT real hawaii shave ice… i’m from hawaii and this place is not the same. If you go to all the famous hawaii shave ice stands like matsumotos the ice is suppper fine (literally like snow), they rarely use real fruit syrups and they have red beans, ice cream, and the amazing snowcap!!!

    This place is in its own category.. it is softer than a snow cone but definitely not like hawaiian shave ice soft. There is still some crunch to it. It is an innovative idea and super portlandia to use real fruit syrup but i know 1 other cart that does this already.

    It is a good treat in the summer but if you are looking for the real deal hawaiian shave ice this is not it. So eat it as a treat but don’t expect it to taste like home

  7. Wow this looks pretty good.. reminds me of frosty shave’s hawaiian shave ice. I love Portland, but when I am in Los Angeles shave ice is the best.

  8. Deborah Crews says:

    Hello, Would you be interested in serving shave ice at a local Elementary School Carnival? It’s May 31st from 5-8 pm. We’d love to have you there. Please contact me if you are interested. Thanks!

  9. Rhonda Hicks says:

    Thank you guys for coming out to our company event today. It was a pleasure getting to work with you all & I look forward to doing business with you in the future!! [Pineapple Coconut ROCK!!]

  10. Are you telling me it is all organic with no COLORING ADDED?
    Hard to believe with the bright color!

  11. Bethany athletic club says:

    do you guys do vending events ? would be interested in having you come by during the summer to our outdoor pool and serve this to all of our members ! . please get in contact if this is something you guys do. Thanks !

  12. Would like to speak with you about possibly bringing your cart to our September 23rd Oktoberfest.

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