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Brett Burmeister



Location: NW 19th and Quimby
Hours: Mon-Fri, 7am-2pm

The Story:

When the owners of Lebanosh contacted me about their new cart, I couldn’t figure out where it was. I am intimate with the Alphabet district in NW having lived up there for years, but didn’t know there was a Wilson st. Just of the 405 exit, across from Carl’s Jr is the Lebanosh cart, on NW 23rd and Wilson. [Lebanosh moved to NW 19th and Quimby in February 2014]

NW Portland has everything from boutique shopping to high end condos to venerable old Portland mansions, Portland’s largest urban park and industry. Original home to the Lewis and Clark Centennial Exposition in 1905, the area that is now mostly industrial was a giant lake and wetlands. We’re now seeing the latest growth in street food vendors up this way. Lebanosh owners Ryan and Angela found a spot ideally located to serve the many who work in the area and open at 6am to feed them breakfast. Inspired by Angela’s family recipes, the menu is meant to be simple and fast in order to serve the patrons quickly. The day I visited, it was a constant stream of welders, businessmen and others coming to check out the food cart.

Kefta sandwich from Lebanosh

Kefta sandwich from Lebanosh

Breakfast starts out with hot nosh buns which are stuffed with egg, cheese and bacon or sausage and is served from 6am- around 10:30am. Is is then they switch to Lebanese food. Lunch options include kabobs with rice or kabobs in sandwiches. You can opt for 7-spice chicken or kefta which are made with allspice, cumin, coriander, cinnamon and more. I chose the kefta sandwich with cucumber tomato salad and hummus and pita. Kefta is similar to meatloaf. Ground beef mixed with spices and mint and onion, roll it up, skewer and grill. The sandwich had the kefta wrapped in a lightly toasted pita with tzatziki, fresh sliced tomato, onion and leaf lettuce. The first bite reminded me why I wanted this dish. A burst of flavor from the kefta mixed well with the creamy tzatziki. The fresh veggies added a brightness I love in sandwiches like this. Beyond the excellent kefta, the cucumber salad seemed so fresh, I think he made it after I ordered, but you could tell it had been marinating for a bit. The hummus had the perfect balance of citrus and garlic. Tough not to dip everything in it. A great meal. Enough for any hungry eater.

Lebanosh joins just a few other carts in the large area of industrial NW Portland. With the number of workers out there, there seems to be opportunity for carts and trucks. Open Monday-Friday at 6am, skip the fast food and drop on by.  Let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

  • Hot Nosh Buns – stuffed with egg and cheese, bacon or sausage – $4
  • Coffee/Bun combo – $5
  • Noshin’ Left Out – Lebanese 7-spice chicken or kefta kabob served with rice and one or two sides – $8/9
  • Sandwich with sides – $8/9
  • Chicken or Kefta Kabob and rice – $6/9
  • Kabob Sandwich – $6
  • Lentil soup – $4

Hours: Mon-Fri, 6am-2pm


  1. Had a great bun here last week, went back this morning and there was no sign of the cart!

  2. dieselboi says:

    According to their Twitter, they are closed this week. That may explain why the cart is gone.

  3. Yep! We will return, got invited to a temporary location for two weeks and it has been great but looking forward to returning to 23rd Ave! Follow us at @Lebanosh on Twitter.

  4. Delicious! Great people, great food!

  5. Jane, not Jabe :/

  6. Quality ingredients and great recipes make for a delicious meal. The pizza buns they make up around lunch time are the perfect hand-held, light lunch, and the less traditional fare is a great alternative to fast food.

    Careful about the garlic butter served with the rice. I was unprepared for the spice first time and was sent running for some water. Still extra-tasty though.

  7. Fantastic place. Will make veggie/vegan items upon request.

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