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Location: NE 16th and Killingsworth
  (please check @pourpourcoffee on Twitter for daily updates) Generally open Mon-Sun, 8 am – mid afternoon.

The Story: Food Carts, Coffee, Bicycles. Just add a location and you’ve got an instant community gathering place.  Pour Pour Coffee combines the bike, coffee, and food cart formula to offer up hot and fresh brewed coffee in NE Portland.

This new snazzy blue and polished wood “velo cafe” might be hard to miss for its small size – as a landmark, it’s located in front of Taqueria Rico’s Burritos truck, and next to Fruteria Don Pedro on the corner of NE 16th and Killingsworth.

Bicycle food carts are still a bit of a novelty in Portland and the U.S., but in the rest of the world they are your standard “meals on wheels.” Sure, most people stateside have seen a tricycle ice cream peddler or two. In India however, it’s a common sight to see a bike cart weaving through the morning rush hour to deliver cups of hot chai tea or fresh baked naan bread to commuters stuck in gridlock. While over in China, elaborate bike carts with little stoves serve steaming, freshly made dumplings or noodles. It’s always nice to see another bike cart in Portland. More please!

I chatted with Pour Pour’s owner, Jake Rueda, about how his business came to be, and his future plans. The cargo type bike was built by local Icicle Tricycles. Jake added some of his own custom design ideas and simple, but thoughtful decoration. Jake currently sells one item and one item only in two varieties: a 12 ounce cup of locally roasted Stumptown Coffee. When the weather is warmer he also offers cold-brewed iced coffee, while future plans may include coffee from other local roasters, pastries and a few other nibbles. Longer term plans include a cart with a heating element so he can make fresh brewed, to-order cups of pour over coffee.

Jake started daydreaming about opening a peddled powered coffee cart several years ago, but it took a corporate takeover of the local bagel bakery he had been working at to kick him into gear. “I saw the writing on the wall at my job, and figured now was the time to launch my own thing,” Jake said one Saturday in between customers. Opened just over a month ago, Pour Pour loves their new Vernon Neighborhood location, but also plans on selling coffee at street fairs, festivals, other events, as well as catering opportunities.

We talk a lot about supporting small, local businesses in Portland and how food carts can help create positive community gathering places. Well, it doesn’t get any smaller and more local than this. Pour Pour has already proven they have created a new gathering place. The day I stopped by neighbors introduced each other and were chatting about everything from local development plans on the street, to the excitement about recent developments on Goatlandia – a neighborhood goat giving birth to her kids. The lovely vendor from the taco truck located behind Pour Pour came out to say hello as well, and suddenly a trip to get coffee turned into something special.

Terrific Peddle Powered Coffee. Food Carts. Community. Welcome to the neighborhood Pour Pour!

Sample Menu:

  • 12 oz coffee – $3
  • 12 oz cold brew iced coffee – $3 (warm weather only)

Hours: (please check @pourpourcoffee on twitter for daily updates) Generally open Mon-Sun, 8 am – mid afternoon.



  1. $3 for a cup of coffee? That seems a bit pricey.

  2. Jacob L. Rueda III says:

    Dear Lizzy what a nice story about my son’s new coffee business. With stories like yours my son will get his business going. Thank you so much.


  3. V. Lang says:

    Pour Pour Coffee has amazing coffee; I’d follow his cart anywhere to get a cup! I’d recommend everyone to stop by and try it! And what a unique cart! Plus I love supporting small, local businesses.

  4. Check out BikeCaffe/Marley franchise they have been doing this for years!! they offer a full espresso bar, smoothies, frappes and much more all on a Bike.

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