Bagel and Box

Food Carts Portland

Location: 4707 N. Lombard (next to Western Meat Market)
Mon – Sat, 8am – 1pm, Sun, 9am – 1pm

The Story: Brought to you by the folks who own the well loved FlavourSpot waffle centric carts, the Bagel and Box dives deeper into the heart of N. Portland with a menu of other breakfast focused foods.

Expect, yes of course, bagels with cream cheese or a lox salad type spread (among other toppings), bagel breakfast sandwiches, a big ol’ mess o’ home fries, fresh fruits and fresh squeezed OJ, and plenty of strong locally roasted organic coffee.

I’ll confess, I’m not much of a morning person. My ideal breakfast is after 10:00 am, and I usually stick to the basics – bagels, eggs, potatoes, and some coffee and juice are just fine with me. Thus, Bagel and Box is the ideal menu for my morning no-fuss cravings. And if that kind of roll with a hole isn’t your ideal cup of breakfast, check out Bagel & Box’s Tonalli’s donuts made right up on NE Alberta Street – they are fresh, fresh, fresh, and frankly, some of my favorite donuts in the 503.

The day I visited Bagel and Box, the bagel offerings included a plain, everything, sesame, and a dark pumpernickel. I chose the plain for the bagel breakfast sandwich which came filled with fried egg, plenty of thick cut pepper bacon, and oozy melted cheddar cheese. Along with a pint of steaming hot home fries and a cup of coffee, I was on my way from sleepyville to ready-for-work land. Thanks Bagel and Box for helping me feel as easy as Sunday morning during the middle of the working week.

Bagel and Box also offers catering type portions, perfect for the office or any event where you’d rather not cook. Located a hop-skip-and-a-jump from Columbia Park, you could even have a morning picnic with your sweetie, or nosh on something substantial while your dog frolics, if you so delight.

Bagel and Box plans on expanding offerings to include smoothies, additional breakfast sandwiches, more bagel spreads, a pizza bagel, and even something they call the “Fremont Supreme” (A Tonalli’s jelly donut with bacon, egg, cheese and a beef patty). Whoa, dudes. Bagel and Box even has ice cream bars and sandwiches, a nutritionist’s nightmare breakfast for sure, but maybe just perfect for a little after lunch snack.

And speaking of “whoa dudes”, Bagel and Box is a late riser’s delight, serving breakfasty foods until 1pm. This cart is perfect for graveyard shifters, slackers, students, and well, anyone who hates the morning hours as much as I do.

Bagel and Box. They got your bagels and your breakfast right-on, dudes.

Sample Menu:

  • Bagel with cream cheese – $3
  • Bacon, egg, and cheese bagel – $5.50
  • Bagel with smoked salmon salad, cream cheese, cucumber, red onion – $6
  • Home fries: Pint – $3.50, Quart – $5.75
  • Fresh fruit on a stick – $1.50
  • Tonalli’s donut – $1.25
  • Fresh squeezed OJ (12 oz) – $3
  • Organic local coffee: 12 oz – $1.50, 16 oz – $1.75

Hours: Mon – Sat, 8am – 1pm, Sun, 9am – 1pm
No Phone
Twitter: @BagelandBox


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