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Location: Roaming, check their website for location
Hours: daily, 11:30-7 including weekends

The Story:

Pink flamingos flank the 60’s pink cart with the Jetson’s style logo. Retrolicious is the latest edition to Green Castle and is bringing back the classics. [Retrolicious left Green Castle in 10/2012 and is roaming and seeking a new location]

Hailing from Phoenix, Kimmy and her partner Roy, wanted to have some fun with both the cart and the menu. With fond memories of childhood favorites like mac ‘n cheese or meatloaf, the scratch made classics cart was born. Kimmy runs around the lot in a bright pink and yellow striped skirt I think I saw in a James Bond flick. The best way to engage customers – talk to them. The flamingos and the bright colored chairs and table add to the feel. A stunningly beautiful and well executed cart with a great brand.

Butter Basted Diner Burger

Butter Basted Diner Burger

Kimmy is going for big meals. The meals we enjoyed growing up before Mutual of Omaha’s Animal Kingdom. Those which put meat on our bones. The menu Saturday included Chicken and Waffles, Southern Style Mac & Cheese, Cart Cured BLT, a Honey Mustard Chicken Sandwich and the Butter Basted Diner Burger I enjoyed. Not having eaten many burgers in the last year in my attempt to experience other great foods, here was my chance to re-introduce my tastebuds to a classic. Served on Texas Toast, the hand crafted burger came with the usual fixin’s and pimento cheese. PIMENTO CHEESE. Wow, a big mouthful with that toast and the cheese was spot on for this type of burger. It has the appropriate amount of salt to the meat and having been butter basted, it had that sweet cream flavor I crave. While messy, it was worth it, sitting there devouring a juicy burger on a warm sunny spring day in Portland.

Retrolicious is hard to miss. One of the largest carts to grace our scene and painted bright pink. Kimmy and Dan are welcoming and want you to remember childhood through food. The menu is on a chalkboard, so it may change daily. Be prepared to experience what they have to offer. Drop on down to Green Castle and let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

  • Chicken & Waffles  – $5 or double for $7
  • Butter Basted Diner Burger – choice of cheese – $6
  • Southern Style Mac & Cheese – $5
  • Cart Cured BLT – a classic – $7
  • Hone Mustard Chicken Sandwich – $6

Hours: daily, 11:30-7 including weekends
Twitter: @EatRetrolicious
Facebook: EatRetrolicious


  1. snakecat says

    Ha! I love it! I always said that we need more retro food places in Portland. A place that you can go get floating island or a burger with pimento cheese or a timbale. I can’t wait to try them.

  2. Nwscubasteve says

    Awesome cart. Folks are super friendly and the food was great, portions are huge and very reasonably priced. This cart was just what green castle was missing

  3. Kat Goodpaster says

    They have the BEST toasted cheese sandwich!!! Can’t wait to try something new today!

  4. Gracie Potthoff says

    At the Portland Classic 2014 best food cart there. On Sunday was our first to this food cart. We had already tried all the rest. You know what they say the best for last. They were so busy because one of the carts didn’t show up the last day. This crew of 3 rocked it! Good food even though they had so many rude customers (real rude) that didn’t make my time in line pleasant. Food was worth it I tried to let them know I appreciate all them but not sure they knew I was sincere. So now that it all over you guys are awesome and put out real good. Hope see there next year

  5. Donna Alvarez says

    hello I am sending this to say we miss you and want you back. I am so sorry to hear that there were some negative comments made about your service. Some of us really like and want you back. please see that most of us really like you.

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