The Honey Pot

The Honey Pot

The Honey Pot


Location: SE 43rd and Belmont; Good Food Here
Hours: Tues-Sat, 11am-Dark

The Story:

I had just finished a great cubano sandwich from another cart in the lot when I had a craving for something sweet. The Honey Pot was calling my name with their slices of pie and other delights.

Mary Sheridan opened The Honey Pot last month after moving up from Bend where she had her own baking business. She wanted to bring her favorite recipes to Portland and after you try some, you’ll be glad she did. Having grown up baking, Mary won her first competition at the county fair at age 13. After some forays into liberal arts studies, she eventually became a classically trained pastry chef with a degree from the Culinary Institute of America. The cart, crafted out of a vintage Airstream Silver Streak, is a thing of beauty and harkens back to a childhood kitchen where one learns from their mother.

Pendleton pie from The Honey Pot

Pendleton pie from The Honey Pot

At The Honey Pot, you can get sweet and savory pies along with tarts, galettes and puff pastries. My sweet-tooth was throbbing on that sunny day, so I picked up a slice of the Pendleton. Dark chocolate and pecans are mixed with Pendleton Whiskey custard and baked with a chocolate shortbread crust. Did I mention there was chocolate in there? With fresh whip cream on the side, the slice was a decadent treat. A caramel hint from the whiskey came through and with the pecans created a brilliant combination.

The Honey Pot is the real thing and you should check it out. While I purchased a slice, you can also get whole pies and even just some fresh pie dough to make your own. Head on down to Good Food Here and let Mary know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

  • Pendleton: dark chocolate and pecans in Pendleton whiskey custard and a chocolate shortbread crust – $4.75/slice; $22/whole pie
  • The Ginger: walnuts, freshly grated ginger, butterscotch morsels in a rum custard – $4.25/slice; $20/whole pie
  • The Boyfriend: peach pie with coconut milk, brown sugar, nutmeg in a flaky double crust – $3.75/slice; 18/whole pie
  • Fun Guy: hand held galette of crimini and wild mushrooms, goat cheese and savory streusel – $5.50
  • The Aristocrat: all natural pork, spinach, sage, onions, garlic and Parmesan cheese rolled in puff pastry – $3 or 2 for $5
  • Pie dough for 9″ pie – $2.50

Hours: Tues-Sat, 11am-Dark
Phone: 541.317.2951
Facebook: The Honey Pot



  1. The pie looks great and I really like the custom Airstream…great touch with the pink wheels as well!

  2. My husband bought a piece of the Pendleton Pie, I couldn’t resist a bite despite my nut allergy and it was so worth it!! It was FABULOUS!!!

  3. Mike Stanislawski says:

    This lady can bake!!!! I had a slice of the Pendleton pie today and it was to die for. Best slice of pie I have had in a long time.

  4. Holy MOLY that pie looks AMAZING!

  5. henry wotton says:

    after a long bike ride my wife an i got a couple “aristocrats” as an appetizer while we waited for out other meals to be ready. they were delicious! my wife also liked to peak her head slightly into the cart to smell it. apparently it smelled amazing.

  6. Wow, braving the nut allergy just to try the pie! Now that’s a great testimonial this company should use (but not endorse!)

  7. tired of it says:

    …and once again: another cart closed during stated business hours!

  8. Saranwrap8 says:

    Of the three savory pies I tried, all were not just okay, they were excellent! Moreover, service is lightening quick. The pecan pie was just okay. Nice lady runs the place.

  9. Great product and lightning quick service…next you’re going to tell me their stuff is free!

  10. I forget the name of the pie I had. It was curried chicken. Just amazing! Can’t wait to come back and try something different!

  11. I just saw you on food network and I am from New Jersey. My daughter is pregnant and is in love with pecan pie. I think she would go nuts for your Pendleton pie. Can I get the recipe? Thanks.

  12. Henrietta says:

    I saw your segment I would love to make your pecan and mango custard pie how can I get the receipe

  13. mary brown says:

    Pls say that you ship frozen pies to other states….Saw you on Eat Sts and I am dying for your deserts…PLSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Mary

  14. Hello, I watched the episode CCEAT407H on Sunday January 5. I am looking for the recipe for the pull pork and I think sweet potatoe pie.

  15. Hi David loved the Portland Cart write-up. Yum yum we are at Daily Grind, with Dianne and Kathy chatting, just saw Marcus. We are wondering if you could fix up some of your specialities and ship to us. Hoo ray!!! Amen

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