Location: SW 9th and Alder
Hours: M-F, 11-4; Sat, 11-3

The Story:

After eating at so many carts, I see what works and what doesn’t. At baoPDX, they have the recipe for success with their $3 bao sandwich.

In a cart that once housed an extensive Thai menu and most recently sushi, Matt, Max and their friend Carter bring a simple dish that is true hand held street food. The bao finds its origins in China and is a steamed bun that they then cut open and fill to create a tasty little sandwich. In the first few weeks they have been open, they have been selling out daily after prepping 80 baos. That’s pretty darn amazing. There were some chuckles about 80hr weeks also, but that’s cart life isn’t it?

baoPDX offers up six different bao sandwiches including beef, chicken, pork and tofu. The pork belly with its pickled greens, carrots and daikon is creamy and tangy and top notch. The Jerk chicken is shredded chicken mixed with jerk seasoning, cilantro and white onion. Of the three my lunch mate and I tried, the chicken had some of the best, most diverse flavors with the white onion adding that little kick. The ginger orange tofu is a great option for vegetarians with a great light flavor. What adds to the eating pleasure is the bao which is light and fluffy, surrounding the amazing fillings.

Jerk Chicken bao

Jerk Chicken bao

baoPDX has a great product at just the right price, $3. I was able to get in and out in just a few minutes since the bao are prepared fresh daily and all that is required is final prep. Matt, Max and Carter may just have the secret to food cart success here. As stated, they have been selling out, so get their early and enjoy. Let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

  • BBQ Beef bao: w/sour slaw and dried onion – $3
  • Pork Belly: w/pickled greens, carrots and daikon – $3
  • Ginger Orange Tofu: w/lettuce, pickled carrots and daikon – $3
  • Spam and Tamagoyaki: w/green onion and dried seaweed – $3
  • Jerk Chicken: w/cilantro and white onion – $3

Hours: M-F, 11-4; Sat, 11-3
Twitter: @baoPDX
Facebook: baoPDXcart



  1. Where were these guys when I was working downtown? I had some errands to run and found (minor miracle) a parking spot right in front of this cart My stomach was rumbling and I was cash poor but I scrounged up enough for the Pork. I’m still thinking about that thing. It was so good.

  2. i’ve heard these guys are good. will have to stop by next time before they sell out

  3. Amy Brennan says:

    Amazing food – so filling, so delicious. I am going to have to start walking in that direction more often. I would buy those bao rolls for home- they are awesome!

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