Green Castle Reopening and Seeking Carts


Green Castle customers were disappointed to see the temporary closure of the food court due to zoning issues. Now that everything has been worked out with the City, the food carts are on their way back to the Green Castle site at 20th and NE Everett (1930 NE Everett St.), between Sandy and Burnside. The new and improved gathering site includes covered seating, unique healthy food options, and a strong neighborhood connections. Onsite parking, bus lines and plenty of bike racks allow for the convenience of transportation options.

Come celebrate the re-opening of this neighborhood gourmet food connection. Meals start being served mid-April or sooner. Stay tuned for more information about our Grand Reopening Party!

If you’re a cart owner looking for a new home, the lot has onsite grey-water disposal as just one of the amenities to provide you with a positive vending experience. There are cart spaces available so please contact Debbie at 503-313-3865 or email at for more information.

[This is a sponsored post by Green Castle Food Court]


  1. the tent looks pretty small. But yes it looks rather nice.

  2. Suggestion: For your new pod, you should add more veggie/vegan options than you had previously. I live adjacent to your pod and frequently eat at food carts around town but rarely patronized your carts due to the dearth of options for herbivores.

  3. isaac32767 says:

    Green Castle was the best pod near my home. Glad to see it back.

  4. Joe Westerman, Owner says:

    Hi Bubba,

    I’m completely with you on the veggie/vegan options. I’m a vegetarian as well and really like having these options. I want more veggie/vegan options and I’m actively pursuing them. Stay tuned and see what fun veggie/vegan options we come up with. Thanks. Joe

  5. Joe Westerman, Owner says:

    Hi jbentzr,

    The tent looks small because the lot is big and there are no carts yet. The tent is 20×20 and we will put 6 picnic tables in it so there is room for many people. come see us when we are open and you will see. Thanks. Joe

  6. Joe Westerman, Owner says:

    Hi isaac32767,

    I’m glad you enjoyed Green Castle and we are looking forward to having you back again very soon. Thanks. Joe

  7. Sounds good, Joe. I’ll give it another shot. Good luck.

  8. I am just thrilled – patronized last time 2X week. Took visitors, kids, residents for a great food experience. We all get what we want and join under the tent. Can’t wait.

  9. With regard to veggie/vegan options, Homegrown Smoker has announced that they will be opening a second location at Green Castle. Ask and you shall receive!

  10. Bedoiuna says:

    so glad to see it back. I hope they’ll be able to fill the place with an even greater variety this year.
    Best of luck!

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