Wayang House

Wayang House

Wayang House


Location: SW 9th and Alder
Hours: Weekdays, lunchtime

The Story:

The other day I was asked why I write about the food carts the answer is easy – I get to try something new every single day. Wayang House Indonesian exemplifies this.

I’ve walked by the cart numerous times, pointing out to visitors and friends that Indonesian is the newest cuisine to join the food cart scene. I finally decided to visit and was immediately welcomed by Anton and Feny, the owners. Feny spends her time outside the cart working at Shigezo down the street and even spent a few days working the Minizo cart to get a better understanding of cart life before opening Wayang House. I chuckled at how small a world it was and love that the owners are there to advise and guide each other when needed.

Nasi Campur from Wayang House

Nasi Campur from Wayang House

The menu at Wayang House has only five dishes with protein options which include beef, chicken, tofu and tempeh. The Nasi Campur is a meat and rice dish with spicy beef rendang, spicy eggplant served over a boiled egg and chopped string beans. When I was pondering the menu, Anton asked if I liked spice, which I do, so he recommended this signature dish. I’m a fan of spice for flavor with the heat index being secondary and with this dish, the spice was spot on. The eggplant dish was where the real spice was. With quartered eggplant marinated in hot chili sauce it is then served over a hard boiled egg. This was the best part of the meal. The eggplant was so flavorful and the heat from the spice hit my toungue, burned a bit, but then disapated, leaving a lasting memory of the flavors and not the spice. The beef was perfectly cooked to fall apart with the use of a plastic fork. I will definitely return for that dish by itself. I may even try to find the recipe for the eggplant.

Wayang House is a great new addition to the pod at SW 9th and Alder. Beyond the beef and chicken, they also have fried tofu and tempeh in a couple of their dishes. I definitely recommend this cart and encourage you to check it out on your next trip out for lunch. Let Anton and Feny know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

  • Nasi Campur: spicy beef randang, spicy boiled egg w/eggplant, string beans and steamed rice – $7
  • Nasi Uduk: steamed coconut rice with fried chicken, tofu or tempeh, shredded egg and homemade sambal sauce – $6.50
  • Kari Ayam: Indonesian chicken curry with potato and steamed rice – $6
  • Gado Gado: mixed steamed veggies with tofu or tempeh, egg and peanut sauce and melinjo chips – $6
  • Tahugoreng Nanas: fried tofu with green leaf, sprouts, potato and pineapple peanut sauce – $6

Hours: Weekdays, lunchtime
Contact: unknown



  1. Tried the gado gado here today. I’d never had this before, but my dad recommended it. It was a cold salad with cucumbers, potatoes, cooked cabbage, tempeh, egg, green beans, sprouts, peanut sauce and puffed chips. It was quite delicious, a big portion and seemed healthy!! I would definitely try this cart again.

  2. I went there a couple of days ago and tried their number one – which is apparently their most popular, though I can’t remember the name of it. I’ve had a fair amount of indonesian food in my life, and this was some of the best I’ve had.

  3. Gary The Brit says

    In the past Indonesian food was very poorly represented in Portland. There was a cart that was down by the river that closed, and there used to be a Malay restaurant off SE 82nd that was run by a couple from KL so they offered things like shimp mee and roti chanai with pulled tea together with Indonesian favourites like nasi goreng (sadly not for breakfast though as it was intended), gado gado, and that sort of thing. Unfortunately they closed.

    It was a very happy day when I first tried Wayang house. It is now my favourite cart in Portland, run by a delightful young couple from Penang. Anyone who has been to Indonesia will immediately recognise the smells and tastes (though they tone things down a little for the Ang Mos it is still wonderful and fragrant). This isn’t anything like the anodyne experience of going to a Thai cart and ordering pad thai only to get something that most Thai people wouldn’t recognise. This is authentic Padang food, made by people with love and care.

    I usually get the Nasi Campur (their rendang is some of the best I have ever had ANYWHERE, to make it properly takes hours to tenderise the beef and have it absorb the flavours, but not so long that it all falls apart into mush), and don’t forget the ginger and palm sugar tea, it is delicious. I really hope Wayang house is successful, they are amazing cooks who come from a food culture that in my opinion is one of the best in the world. They are also lovely people and deserve to do well. Try it today, it will quickly become an addiction.

  4. Gary The Brit says

    Oop, sorry they are from Jakarta, not Penang.

  5. I can’t count the number of times when I’ve been excited to try a cart based on good reviews here, but only to find closed sign. It happened again today (Wednesday) at 1:00 p.m., so when is a good time to visit this place?

  6. I just got the Tahugoreng Nanas and it was a complete waste of money. Not very good. Most of it went into the trash, meaning I have to now find lunch #2. Old, beat up looking lettuce with flavorless tofu and cold, grainy, mushy, discolored potatoes. There was some watery sauce in the bottom of the container but this did almost nothing to help the dish. Perhaps the other dishes are good, but I cannot recommend this one.

  7. Just had the nasi goreng…so delicious. Brought back some memories. Definitely adding it to my regular cart rotation.

  8. By nasi goreng I mean nasi campur…hahah lah

  9. Too bad that one of the commentators didn’t like the Tahugoreng Nanas. To say it was a waste of money and went into the trash is both disrespectful and harsh. This was the first dish that I tried from Wayang House, and it’s one that I honestly enjoyed very much. I am not a vegetarian, but I do eat tofu (tahu in bahasa Indonesia) quite often, and I especially like it in this entrĂ©e. I also think their food is very much like the best food I have eaten in Indonesia. This is very definitely a great ‘warung’ (food cart).

  10. Just had the Gado Gado; what a great light healthy meal! And the melinjo chips are delicious; they taste like Bugles and Popchips had a baby.

    I’ll definitely be working them into my regular rotation.

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