Miss Kate’s Southern Kitchen

Miss Kate's Southern Kitchen

Miss Kate’s Southern Kitchen

N Mississippi and Skidmore, Mississippi Marketplace
Hours: Weds/Thurs: 10am-5pm; Fri/Sat, 10am-8 pm; Sunday, 10am-6pm

The Story:

Miss Kate, Charles’ grandmother, was from Vicksburg, Mississippi and Charles, the owner of the newest cart in Mississippi Marketplace is bringing the tastes of Mississippi to the street.

When Kate passed, Charles’ took control of the hundreds of recipes that Miss Kate had collected over the years from her time with the ladies at bridge and garden clubs. They would sit around and simply write down their favorites on the bridge pads, so some of the recipes don’t have titles. Charles takes the recipe and puts the ingredients together without truly knowing what the outcome will be. These are true southern dishes made by a descendant of the founders of Vicksburg. Charles loves to cook and it was at the cajoling for friends that he opened the cart. He also loves to tell stories – did you know the first bottle of Coke was made in Vicksburg by the Biedenharn Candy Company in 1894?

At Miss Kate’s Southern Kitchen, you can discover some amazing southern dishes like coleslaw, mac and cheese, succotash, chicken salad, meatloaf, turkey, pork roast, biscuits and gravy and their awesome pimento cheese. They also have southern fried chicken with biscuits which is what I enjoyed that opening week. I didn’t grow up with crispy homemade fried chicken, so as an adult, I’ve been seeking it out whenever I can. With just salt, pepper and flour, Charles creates an amazing crust that keeps the meat juicy and savory. The biscuits that come with the meal are something special. Sweet cream butter was a dominant taste in the biscuit, but the secret is actually a brown sugar/butter glaze that creates the sweetness I so loved. I’m excited to have Mississippi food now on Mississippi boulevard in my neighborhood.

Fried Chicken from Miss Kate's

Fried Chicken from Miss Kate’s

Charles and his cart Miss Kate’s Southern Kitchen are open Tuesday through Saturday for the morning hours through the afternoon. You can enjoy some biscuits and gravy or grab a full meal. Charles has an extensive menu, so you can try all that he has to offer. I’m looking forward to some southern succotash. Drop on by this brand new cart and welcome them to the neighborhood and let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

Biloxi Biscits (Savory Biscuit)

  • Biscuit and Bacon Gravy – $3
  • Biscuits with Pimiento Cheese – $2.50
  • Biscuit with Maple Syrup and Butter – $1.50
  • Breakfast Biscuit with ham, bacon, or sausage – $3
  • Biscuit Sandwich with choice of meat and egg and cheese with port beer cheese sauce – $4
  • Vicksburg Beignet – 2 for $1.50, 6 for $4; Baker’s Dozen – $7.50


  • Papaw’s Turkey Sandwich – turkey grilled in gravy, whole cranberry jam, onion cream cheese, greens, tomato, on grilled Italian white bread – $7.50
  • Aunt Pat’s Ham Sandwich – country baked ham, pimento cheese, dill mayo, greens, tomato on grilled swirled white and rye – $7.50
  • Mamaw’s Chicken Salad – rosemary chicken, cranberries, pecans, greens, tomato, Creole mayo, on grilled Italian white – $7.50


  • Vicksburg Southern Fried Chicken – crispy fried chicken with a little kick – 2 pieces and served with cornbread or biscuit – $6
  • Creole Beans and Rice with Cornbread – $5

Hours: Weds/Thurs: 10am-5pm; Fri/Sat, 10am-8 pm; Sunday, 10am-6pm
Phone: 503 724 7878
Facebook: Miss Kate’s Southern Kitchen



  1. I was excited when I read about this cart, since I live in the neighborhood. I have tried to go by there 3 times during the above posted hours, and they were closed. I tried 2 times in the morning (9am ish) on a weekday and a weekend. Then tried again today (Wed.) at noon. Closed again. I give up. Luckily theres plenty of good carts at the Mississippi pod to choose from.

  2. I’m with ya Michael, if you are the newest cart and still trying to acquire a business you would think it would be best to atleast be open the hours that you state on your darn post here… kind of dissappointed 3rd time there this week and they were closed, went there on saturday afternoon and got all excited for this new place to eat during the week at work and now they’re always closed during their open hours????

  3. Charles says:


    I am really sorry about not being opened when you came over. I am working out the bugs of being a new cart owner, which is not a good excuse but all I have to offer.

    Our hours are

    Weds & Thurs 10 am till 5 pm
    Friday and Saturday 10 am till 8 pm
    Sunday 10 am till 6 pm

    I am looking into my hours posted on other sites to remove them.

  4. Stopped for lunch on a warm Friday and my wife ordered a Miss Katie’s Chicken Biscuit. I’m not much for breakfast at lunch but the Miss Katie’s was really quite good. The gravy had just the right saltiness and a good bacony flavor. After trying the chicken biscuit I’m ready to give their fried chicken dinners a try.

    I also asked if I could get a side of fried pickles as they aren’t on the menu but you get a fried pickle slice with a sandwich. For a dollar I got four slices of fried pickle with some Creole Sauce. A real bargain for one of the best fried pickles in PDX.

    I’ll be back.

  5. I really like Miss Kate’s. Quite possibly the best biscuits in town. Check out my full review @ http://pushtheplate.blogspot.com
    I have never had a problem with them not being open during posted business hours.


  6. i stopped here today and got some biscuits&gravy, they were amazing. the biscuits melted in my mouth, and the gravy is delicious, lots of bacon.
    i will be back, for sure. i really want fried chicken!

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