Blues City Biscuits

Blues City Biscuits

Blues City Biscuits


Location: SE 43rd and Belmont

Hours: Thurs-Mon, 9am-2:30pm

The Story:

Well made biscuits are a wonderful delight. I remember the first time I ever had what was described as authentic biscuits and gravy made by a southerner and how amazing it was. Selling well made biscuits with great gravy and other items any day of the week is what Blues City Biscuits is here to do.

In a 1954 trailer that she describes as a “spam can,” Kimberly bakes biscuits fresh for her many different dishes. Hailing from Memphis, the Blues City, she got her bug for good soul food and everything made in the cart uses fresh locally sourced produce when in season along with other organic goods. Her secret for the biscuits is Bob’s Red Mill wholegrain unbleached flour.

The Booker T from Blues City Biscuits

The Booker T from Blues City Biscuits

There are so many amazing items on the menu, it is hard to choose just one. Luckily, we were able to have a great little chat about the cart and her food while I read and re-read the description of each item. Biscuits. Gravy. Eggs. Bacon. Smoky collard greens. Spiced fried apples. Kimberly has some great creations. Instead of going overboard, I decided to stay simple and ordered the Booker T. with a fried egg, some green onions and sausage gravy served between her fresh made biscuit. So good. The biscuit, about the size of a bagel, is the perfect vessel for eggs and gravy. Mixing the egg with the chunky sausage gravy and green onions is ingenious. A great little sandwich for anytime of the day.

Blues City Biscuits is a great little cart with some wonderful southern influenced food. Kimberly has already outgrown her cart and has launched a campaign to raise some much needed funds so she can expand. Check her project out at IndieGoGo. If you’re a fan of biscuits or gravy or both, you should check this cart out. Let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

[Blues City Biscuits has moved to D-Street Noshery as of Feb 20, 2012]

[Blues City Biscuits moved to SE 43rd and Belmont in 2013 and changed owners.]

Sample Menu:

All sandwiches served on fresh buttermilk biscuits.

  • Jerry Lee: thick-cut glazed ham steak w/fried egg, Tillamook cheddar and sausage gravy – $7
  • Isaac: fried egg w/Tillamook Cheddar, smoky collard greens and sausage gravy – $6.50
  • Otis: fried egg w/Tillamook Cheddar, spiced fried apples, honey butter and pecans – $6.50
  • Booker T: fried egg, green onions and sausage gravy – $5.50
  • Elvis: creamy peanut butter, fresh banana and Nutella – $5
  • Ma Rainey Breakfast: classic biscuits and gravy – $6
  • Nina Simone Breakfast: fried egg w/Tillamook Cheddar and spiced fried apples on buttery hominy grits w/smoky collard greens on the side – $7

Hours: Tues & Wed 11-3; Thurs & Fri, 11-7; Sat & Sun, 10-8
Twitter: @BCBiscuits
Facebook: Blues City Biscuits



  1. My absolute favorite is the CARLA THOMAS for $5:
    Glazed Ham Steak with House-Made Honey Butter

    Simple, yummy, and easy to eat on the go – it really doesn’t get any better than this!

  2. I stopped by today and had a really difficult time deciding what to order; it all looked so good. I noticed at the bottom of her specials menu was an invitation to try her grits. I’m so glad I asked! HANDS DOWN the best grits I’ve had in Portland. (Having lived in North Carolina for 15 years, I’ve been disappointed with most local attempts at this southern delicacy.)

    I ordered the Nina Simone, which is a plate of grits, collard greens (OMG SO GOOD), cheese, egg, and spiced apples. I ordered a biscuit on the side, and honestly it was my least favorite thing about the meal. The eggy, cheesy grits & collards were so exceptional, I can’t wait to go back.

  3. Blues City Biscuits has moved out of Cartlandia and is now at the D-Street Noshery, 3221 SE Division. Grand Reopening in that location on March 9!

  4. I had the Elvis: Fresh, hot biscuit smothered in nutella and peanut butter with sliced banana AND BACON. I immediately declared my love to Kimberly proposed to her on the spot! BEST BISCUIT EVER (BBE!).

  5. When is this place open? It always looks closed. Can’t wait to try.

  6. Bobo: We are now open 11-3 Tuesday & Wednesday, 11-7 Thursday & Friday, 10-8 Saturday & Sunday. We are closed Mondays. Thanks for asking, we’ll look forward to seeing you!

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