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We are proud to announce the Food Carts Portland mobile app for the iPhone. This app is your guide to all things food cart, food truck, mobile vendors, and anything street food related in Portland. The app connects you to hundreds of food cart options by distance, location, food type, or name. Find your favorite, or search for a new one. Craving for a gourmet burger, a traditional taco or even Thai food? The app can tell you which carts have what kinds of food – including sample menus, when they are open and where exactly they are located. This is simply the best mobile guide to Portland street food. Download the app now and follow your craving.


  • Search for a vendor location, cuisine type, and hours
  • Listing of all the food carts grouped into food court “pods” throughout Portland with geographic Route Me ability to provide step by step navigation to your next meal.
  • Profiles of each mobile vendor including photos, menus and contact information

As you know, we have been tracking and profiling the food carts and trucks in Portland since 2007 and have proved ourselves as the resource for street food in the city. We have been profiled on CNN, MSNBC and in The New York Times, LA Times, Men’s Health and various other local, national and international publications. We strive to keep Portland’s Cartivores up to date and continuously update mobile vendor information to reflect new carts, roaming trucks, vendor moves and closures. This app contains the most current information regarding the carts throughout the city. No other website or app has the extensive database or up to date information Food Carts Portland does. Download the app and dig in.

The Food Carts Portland Mobile App was written by Ken Baer, an iPhone app developer from Portland who also created the well known Taplister application.

The app now available in the iTunes store for $.99 for a limited time.


  1. please hire a designer for the icon. Thanks! 🙂

  2. Love the content, especially the reviews and menu samples, but agreed on the design.

    I’d be happy to make some recommendations for icon/interface designers if you’re interested.

    Great start!

  3. So Android OS has 1.5 times the market share of iOS (see, but you release the iOS app first? Sigh.

  4. i kinda really like the clip art it is short to the point with the overlay of the cart on the map it says it all

  5. RE: C

    “Good programmers prefer iOS,” Hillegass says. “Most iOS development is done in Objective-C, which is a very dynamic and loosely typed language. This means that a good programmer can do amazing things.” By committing to Objective-C instead of Java or Flash, Apple is attracting the best and brightest, he argues.

    Hillegass adds, “Besides the flexibility of Objective-C, iOS has a more mature API, better documentation, and better tools.” Plus, “iOS runs native code, whereas Android runs on a virtual machine,” he says. “Thus far, this has been an advantage for iOS. Even Android devices with faster CPUs feel slower than their iOS counterparts.”

    Android also suffers from fragmentation, with many versions of the OS on the market.…By contrast, Apple keeps its various devices updated in lockstep to a common OS version.


  6. One, the 1.5x Android market share is based on units built, sold or not (and there are a LOT of unsold Android devices out there), while Apple only reports units sold. Second, actual app purchases are overwhelmingly for iOS:

    This isn’t a judgement call on either platform or their respective fan base, I’m just saying it makes good sense to build an iOS version first.

    Anyway, I was hoping the app would be more than just a loader for the web site. Even just a “browse by map” feature would be great.. Looking forward to an update some day.


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