Meaty’s Cupcakes

Meaty's Cupcakes

Meaty’s Cupcakes

SE 102nd and Stark
Hours: Tues-Thurs, 11am-6pm; Fri/Sat, 11am-8pm; Sun, 11am-4pm

The Story:

I showed up on day three. Upon first glance, I saw the name and thought to myself, that can’t be cupcakes, I must be misreading it. As I approached, I realized my eyes weren’t deceiving me and this cart was truly named Meaty’s Cupcakes. I had to find out why.

Mallory and her mother Stacy opened Meaty’s Cupcakes after doing some baking this summer and mastering their flavors. I asked about the unique name and Stacy told me it was her nickname for her daughter when she was a child. As the cart came to fruition, they tossed around some names and Meaty’s stuck – literally. I love it. One of those names that makes you laugh and want to try it.

Meaty's Cupcakes

Meaty’s Cupcakes

The cupcakes at Meaty’s are born out of Stacy’s years as a baker and Mallory’s memories of eating cupcakes as a child. After gathering up some recipes, they launched with cupcakes like Meaty Goes Bananas with a banana cupcake made with fresh bananas and chopped walnuts and topped with their signature cream cheese frosting and a banana chip. Another treat is the Vanilla Meaty with a fluffy vanilla cupcake topped with vanilla buttercream frosting and finished off with a chocolate drizzle. These are regular sized cupcakes with plenty of frosting and great flavors. A great treat after a long day of eating at the carts.

Meaty’s Cupcakes is now open at the lot at SE 102nd and Stark. They usually have five classic flavors available and some daily specials. If you’re looking for more than a few, call ahead to place a special order. Say hi to Stacy and Mallory and let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

Jumbo cupcakes are $3 or $35/dozen; Regular cupcakes are $2.50 or $29/dozen

  • Meaty Goes Bananas: banana cupcake made with fresh bananas and chopped walnuts topped with cream cheese frosting and a banana chip.
  • Chocolate Meaty: dense devil’s food cupcake topped with rich chocolate buttercream frosting and finished with a chocolate drizzle.
  • Vanilla Meaty: vanilla cupcake topped with vanilla buttercream frosting and finished with chocolate drizzle.
  • Mixed up Meaty 2X: vanilla cupcake topped with chocolate buttercream frosting.

Hours: Tues-Thurs, 11am-6pm; Fri/Sat, 11am-8pm; Sun, 11am-4pm
Phone: 503 285 3026
Twitter: @MeatysCupcakes



  1. I know what I’m going to do this weekend. Those look nuts.

  2. kelly Hollins says

    I’ve tried most of the cupcakes and they are soooo GOOD!
    I encourage everyone to go.

  3. The maple Meaty with chocolate ganache with bacon was awesome! My new go to place for cake!

  4. I just came 15 mins ago and bought my first large cupcake, chocolate on chocolate. It was really dry and I was dissapointed 🙁

  5. Delicious…I ate the Lime topped Tequila cupcake!

  6. We left work on a break 2 days in a row to go get some delicious cupcakes and they were closed. This was regular business hours. Very disappointed, not sure we would return.

  7. website and twitter do not work – are they closed?

  8. Just had their Chocolate Cream cupcake – chocolate cupcake with cream-cheese filling with a chocolate cream cheese frosting! Really yummy! It was $2, and it seemed larger than regular-size to me.

  9. This cart is closed a lot – she has a note that “due to the hot weather her frosting melts” – but it’s even closed during normal hours on not-so-hot days. Hopefully she’ll get her schedule/trailer-issue figured out.

  10. This cupcake cart is AMAZING!!!! i will never buy cupcakes from any other place!!! All of her cupcakes are so moist and just perfectly sweet 🙂 and Stacy is very sweet.
    love Jackie & Jasmine “her number 1 customers”

  11. This cart is no longer at this location (SE 102nd and Stark), and hasn’t been for some time now.

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