Sanjai’s Teriyaki

Sanjai's Teriyaki

Sanjai's Teriyaki

Location: SE 52nd and Foster
Hours: Everyday, 11am-6pm

The Story:

Some of the first street food I enjoyed back as a younger man was yakisoba noodles. While it is now widely available throughout the city, finding it on a cool winter day while driving through southeast Portland brought back some great memories. Sanjai’s Teriyaki has some great yakisoba.

Sanjai’s Teriyaki started as a street vendor doing events and catering. I had heard about them and how good they were from friends who had enjoyed their food at the Pirate Festival. When I saw the cart at the lot on 52nd and Foster, I did a loop around the neighborhood and parked. I needed some lunch. The menu offers yakisoba noodles, Pad Thai noodles and fried rice – with or without chicken. Pretty straightforward and simple which allows them to focus on what they do well. I asked for my vegetarian yakisoba noodles to be super spicy – Thai spicy. They obliged and even threw in a small cup of their spicy Thai pepper oil. I commented that I love the Thai oil and the owner, Tony, detailed how to make it at home for myself. I ended up walking away with some great noodles which were blazingly spicy and a recipe for myself. A win-win situation. The noodles, with chopped cabbage, sliced carrot and plenty of hot oil were just what I was looking for and satisfied my craving.

Yakisoba Noodles from Sanjai's Teriyaki

Yakisoba Noodles from Sanjai's Teriyaki

Sanjai’s Teriyaki is now open at the pod at SE 52nd and Foster which now has indoor seating and is looking to add a cocktail cart in the near future. If you’re in the area, drop on by and let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

  • Yakisoba Noodles – $6; w/chicken, $8
  • Pad Thai Noodles – $6; w/chicken, $8
  • Fried Rice – $6; w/chicken, $8
  • Combo plate with all of the above – $10
  • Eggroll – $2

Hours: Everyday, 11am-6pm
Contact: 503 453 3096
Facebook: Sanjai’s Teriyaki



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