Sin Wagon

Sin Wagon

Sin Wagon


Location: SW 5th and Oak
Hours: Weekdays, lunchtime

The Story:

When you first see the sign and think about the name, you know you want to try it. We’re drawn to items that sound naughty. Sin Wagon is now open and ready to feed your guilty pleasure.

Sin Wagon is the work of Tracy and Chad. Tracy runs the window and owns the cart while chad works the grill and deep fryer to create what makes Sin Wagon work. The name? Well, Tracy and some buddies were playing Rock Band and came across one of their favorite songs and it stuck. I like it! Weren’t the original food carts the covered wagons on the Oregon Trail? If they had deep fryers back then, the chuck wagon may have had a nickname.

The menu at the cart offers wraps, dogs, and plenty of items from the fryer like chicken fingers, corn dogs, onions rings and tater tots. I opted for the burger with tots. After the holidays, I just couldn’t do a full meal of fried goods. On a standard burger bun, they stack the patty, leaf lettuce, a thick cut tomato slice, white onion and pickles. A simple but tasty burger that will satisfy your sandwich needs. The freshness of the veggies was an added bonus – I love the crunch of sliced pickles and onions with the saltiness of the burger and cheese. The tots, crispy as ever, are an excellent side dish to anything. Need I say more?

Burger and Tots from Sin Wagon

Burger and Tots from Sin Wagon

If you’re looking for something beyond the burger, check out their deep fried Mac & Cheese balls. You can even get baby elephant ears. Sin Wagon is now open on SW Oak between 4th and 5th, around the corner from the main strip of carts on 5th. They are looking to expand hours into the evening or late night, so keep an eye out for that. Let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

All baskets come with fries, tots or slaw.

  • Simply Fingers: crispy or grilled chicken or steak fingers regular or spicy – $7
  • Finger Sandwich: crispy or grilled chicken or steak fingers on a hoagie roll – $7
  • The Perfect Burger: beef burger with all the fixin’s – $7
  • West Coast Wrap: crispy or grilled chicken or steak fingers rolled in a tortilla with lettuce,cheese, tomato and sauce – $7
  • Whuttup Dog: steamed beef hot dog on a bun – $5
  • Batter Up!: hand dipped honey corn dog – $6
  • Mac & Cheese: $3
  • Mac & Cheese Balls: deep fried – $4
  • Baby Elephant Ear: $3

Hours: Weekdays, lunchtime
Phone: 503 567 2SIN (27456)
Facebook: Sin Wagon



  1. sounds fab, can’t wait to try it!

  2. Tracie Slingerland says

    with the hotdog does fries or the tots come with it for the $5 dollars…… all sounds bad I live in Michigan..Robin is one of my buds..Good luck to you all

  3. Rocket Ricky says

    Late Friday afternoon, walked up to the window… no body was in there .. some guys standing around didn’t say a word as i looked over the menu …. so i moved on .. not like there is nothing to eat around there…

  4. Got a cheeseburger and bacon mac’n cheese balls. Both were awesome, I’ll be going back

  5. I am very interested in this cart catering a wedding for me in May. Do you do that? Can you take the show on the road? If yes could you email me?

  6. I go here AT LEAST once every 2 weeks sometimes cpl times a month…They have AMAZING food…and the service alone is hands down some of the best service I have ever had…They always remember my order when I call in and it typically only takes them 5-6 mins to have it ready for me by the time I get down there. I give it an A++++++!!!!

  7. This cart is either gone or relocated, given that its facebook page is disappeared I’m presuming the former. Tsk.

  8. Yeah, they closed earlier this month.

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