Green Castle Food Cart Pod Closing Oct 31


Learning today that the owners and operators of the Green Castle Food Cart Pod on NE 20th and Everett have notified the carts that the lot will be closing at the end of the month. It is our understanding that the lot couldn’t work out specific issues with the city to allow food vending on the lot even though it was a parking lot and the carts are mobile vehicles. Sad news for the carts and for all of the customers who have come to support them throughout the year.

I have learned that the Gaufre Gourmet will be moving downtown to SW 9th and Alder this coming weekend. Viking Soul Food and a brand new cart – SushiPDX – are moving to Good Food Here on SE 43rd and Belmont.

Not sure about the other carts on the lot – Gluten Free Chef, Hot Boxx, Diamond Thai, Bailey’s Gourmet Hot Dogs, Burger Guild and others. With such short notice, it may be a challenge to find a new location with winter on the way. If you’re a fan of these carts, go support them in this coming week and let them know how much you love what they serve.


  1. Burger Guild says

    To all of our customers we are doing our best to remain open and will be hopefully announcing our new pod on Wednesday (10/26). This closure is as unexpected to us as it is you. Thank you for your past and continuing support. We look forward to serving you our delicious creations at our new location with an expanded menu, details to come soon!

  2. We’ve got some spaces at North Station and would love to see some new carts up there! Check us out. Killingsworth and Greeley.

  3. Scott Batchelar says

    As a regular customer who knows all the vendors here this is really sickening and frankly I hope the other carts are able to find new homes.

    All this over a couple jerks who right now are probably happy as clams about shutting this place down and an owner who just grafted some of my best friends.

    Tomorrow night I will definitely plan on going over and seeing what I can do to help Diamond Thai, Baileys, Hot Boxx, Tinga Tango, Lebaneser Scrooge and the Pho place to find new homes.

  4. I, too, am saddened to read of this upcoming closure. As a faithful customer of Burger Guild (my weekly burger indulgence), I’ll try to follow the Guildmeister.
    This past Tuesday evening, as I was driving out of the parking lot, I noticed a small group of neighbors walking into the Pod. It was obviously handy for them, being a neighborhood resource.
    It was also nice that Green Castle offered patrons the opportunity of covered dining AND and enclosed dining trailer. Such hospitality.
    Alas, long live the BurgerGuild and the other Green Castle cart vendors!

  5. What is really unfortunate with Winter comming, is one week notice. I am sure the contract called for at least 30 days notice.

  6. If anyone is interested, there’s a new location looking for 2-3 carts right now on Craigslist under “food cart space available”. It’s not in the core pdx cart area – but has cheap rent and zero saturation!

  7. I too am sickened by this news and will contact some people i know and see i can help in anyway i can

  8. Not only is this sad news, but the unfairness of it is, as others have put it, sickening. I love eating at this pod and truly hope the vendors can find happier new homes. All the best.

  9. Oh no, no, no. I loved this pod. I live on Rest. Row 28th and supported the carts as often as possible. The food business is brutal, but it sounds like some other evil was at play. Very very sorry to lose these amazing and passionate food providers. I guess I’ll have to get in the car and hit Belmont carts. Waa.

  10. a'la carts Food Pavilion says

    Sorry to hear about Green Castle closing so abruptly, I’m sure the neighborhood will miss the great food, and relalationships that have been made. if it helps we do have some space at or pod. Our pod is very family and pet friendly, music on Saturday evening, we also host events, parties, we have a great group of carts here, but could always accomidate a couple more. Give us a call if you are interested. Thanks, Linda @503 894 1987 We hope you guys all find new homes for your carts.

  11. Main problem: that pod opened without permits in a residential zone. Portland determined that the food carts “lessen the character of the residential area”. Could other pods be at risk? Check your zoning. . .

  12. I live on 22nd and Davis and went to this pod weekly. I loved that it was so close. Who are the neighborhood grumps that started all of this? I can’t imagine why anyone is opposed to this pod being there–prior to the pod all it was was a dumping ground for old couches. What a loss.

  13. Is a real shame that the city allows the douchebag protesters to camp out, but shuts down several viable businesses that creates jobs and provides a place for neighbors to gather for a quick meal.

    The city of Portland needs to get its priorities straight!

  14. compassionate_one says

    It wasn’t the city that closed down the food pod. The owner did not provide his due dilligence in getting all the needed permits and licenses need to open a pod and did it in a residentially zoned parking lot. He could have kept it open but was facing fines from the city until the long drawn out process of re-zoning was completed. So please don’t blame the city. The decision doc in pdf format.

  15. The city’s decision is lousy. A parking lot is more in keeping with the character of high density housing then a cart pod? A neighborhood action plan written in 1987 is a better indicator of neighborhood intentions then the near unanimous support for Green Castle expressed by area residents?

  16. Joe Westerman, Owner of Green Castle Food Court says

    It is a shame that the we won one of our land use applications but lost on the most subjective application. The City Planner did not have the backbone to make the right decison on approving our Retail Sales and Service application, in my opinion. The Kerns neighborhood and the Assoication that represents them has been dumped on, so to speak. KNA wrote a letter of support of Green Castle and wanted us to continue to be a part of the neighborhood. The City Planner overlooked the importance of the KNA which support should have carried much more weight than it did. We had many letters of support for Green Castle from the neighborhood and to be honest, there were a few people that didn’t like us. The great majority of people in the neighborhood liked what we brought. I hope their victory is short lived. The City knows that the neighborhood associations represent the soul of a neighborhood, so why didn’t they listen? If Green Castle Food Court is an approved commercial parking lot, and the neighborhood supports this, why would you not approve the Retail Sales and Service application? The Retail Sales and Service application should have been a shoe in with the City. I had only one alternative after the decison by the City and that was to shut Green Castle down to avoid big fines.

    There is light at the end of the tunnel! Today, I appealed the land use decison and have asked for a public hearing. We will all have a chance to voice our opinions about the survial of Green Castle as a neighborhood food pod. I’m hoping all of you come down and support us when the public hearing is scheduled. My email address is, if you want to send additional comments to me. I’ll be back when I know when the hearing is scheduled. In the mean time Green Castle will be a derelict parking lot in NE Portland.

    I thank everyone for their support and I hope to win on appeal and be back in operation next spring. I’ve not given up and think once the zoning issues are behind us we can be better than we were before.

    I appreciate your patronage and your support.


    Joe Westerman

  17. to all the foodcarts that have to move soon.please dont give up what you love to do,if you need a good location for your cart,please call us 503-516-0606,we have 5-6 open space at our commercial property,there are carts on site,and is very busy street,our address is 4549 ne 60th cully,come and see it,you’ll love this location,hope to see you….

  18. Concerned Citizen says

    This is due to the owner’s negligence. Joe Westerman is a multi-millionaire. He improperly rented space without getting the required permits.

    Joe is well-known to city officials. It is not surprising the city deciding not to let him have a cart pod on his property. This might be the decision not to allow a wealthy man to go above the law. Getting the neighborhoods involved blaming the city does not make sense in light of the facts.

    Hold him accountable to the owners of the food carts. He should pay restitution for his negligence. He shut down to avoid the fines for his own misdeeds showing little regard for his customers with whom he has contracts.

  19. From what I know, Joe has jumped through many hoops and spent tons of money to get this pod legal. He has created a great space for some really good carts, the lot will be open again this weekend, come on out and judge for yourself…ALOHA!!!!

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