Q-19 – a new cart pod in NW Portland

Q-19 Food Pod

Q-19 Food Pod

While every other neighborhood in the city has been blessed by a food cart pod, Northwest Portland has been lacking in street food goodness. There are a few carts who have succeeded over the years, yet none have grouped together into a pod. Q-19 is changing that.

Located at the corner of NW 19th and Quimby, Q-19 took the lead from Mississippi Marketplace and built out the lot in conjunction with revitalizing a neighborhood bar. Quimby’s, the bar, is open as a refuge for eaters to get out of the rain and enjoy a beer or cocktail with their cart food. The lot in general is welcoming with the carts interspersed with picnic tables and soon, a tent flanked by planter boxes.

Q-19 has actually been open for few months, but only recently secured the final carts and finished final construction. We visited the other day to check it out. The carts there include:

  • Chili Inside/Chili Outside – Frito pie and now hamburgers
  • Savvy J’s – po’ boy sandwiches and southern comfort food
  • The Wrapture – wraps and salads made with fresh local products
  • Briskets – new cart serving beef brisket sandwiches
  • Crust and Common Pie Shop – savory and sweet pies
  • Polish Kitchen – operated by Lydia and Ted Patkowski, who also operate the EuroDish
  • Philly’s Fat Omelets – cheesesteak hoagies among other items
  • Sawasdee Thai – an expansion of the original cart

The carts are open for lunch during the week 11-2, but some are staying open longer and the hope would be to open into the evening on the weekends.

Head on over if you live in the neighborhood or take a trip to check out some of the new carts that are part of this new pod. We tried out Briskets and Crust and Common and they blew our minds. Q-19 is located at NW 19th and Quimby.


  1. Michael Mackin says:

    This pod is really coming together. I tried Briskets last Friday and it was outstanding. Some of the best barbeque brisket I’ve ever had, with some great sides as well. I just wish more of the carts were open for dinner or on the weekends.

  2. Tom McConnell says:

    I’ve been to Briskets, too and it was awesome! Great customer service and Texas wood-smoked brisket was perfect. Garlic mashed potatoes, yum!

  3. Stopped by Briskets today with my family… I must say that is was REALLY good. The meat was so tender and flavorful … everything was fresh! Mashed potatoes were creamy, cole slaw was tasty and the biscuit was great! Highly recommend them!

  4. Read about Crust and Common on this site. Went on a Monday and they were closed. The foodcartsportland.com site mentioned that they were open on Monday.Had a friend check their facebook site and it mentioned that they were closed and see you next week. So, were they closed the rest of the week? Anyway, went back the following Tuesday and they were sold out of a pie I wanted. Once again I went back and they didn’t even make the pie for that day. Asked the owner, and said for sure they would have the pies the next day. Went back the next day at 11:07. They were closed. Did not open until 11:45. (Why don’t they post that there hours are 11:45 instead of 11:00. Was told that they didn’t have the pie I asked about the previous day. The absolute crappiest service I have ever received. What a waste of my time, especially since I spoke with the owner the previous day. Will never go back and will never recommend. The owner knows very little about running a business and customer service. It’s even mentioned on his web site that you have to go to facebook to get their hours. Not everyone has facebook. Why not just list them on the website?

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