Colbert Super Mac Presented by BrunchBox


Colber Super Mac as it is handed to you

BrunchBox, who brought us the YouCanHasCheeseburger and the Redonkadonk, which was featured on last year has created something new – the Colbert Super Mac. In reference to Stephen Colbert’s Super Pac, the Super Mac is as follows:

This belly-busting “Obamanation” of a burger contains a whopping half-pound of beef, a quarter pound of bacon, five slices of American cheese, extra pickles, extra onions, and extra lettuce, smothered in our house-made Freeberty sauce, with six slices of “Rick Parry’s Texas-Toast.”

I couldn’t pass up a burger with Freeberty sauce so I snagged one. I almost dropped it, not realizing how heavy it would be.

Colbert Super Mac

Colbert Super Mac

This is a monster. One of the largest most over the top burger I have ever seen and I once ate at a restaurant where the burger was served on a pizza platter family style. So much cheese and bacon and cheese and burger. Did I mention the cheese? I did eat some of it, but shared a majority with fellow Cartivores who were equally overwhelmed. Though, it was a tasty burger. The Colbert Super Mac sells for $11.

All profits from the sale of Colbert Super MAC will be donated to Colbert Super PAC. Help BrunchBox help you to help the Colbert PAC help us, see a better tomorrow, tomorrow. BrunchBox is located at SW 5th and Stark and is open from 8am-6pm, M-F and 11-3 on Saturday. Head on down, bring your American flag and fill your belly with patriotism.



  1. “…I once ate at a restaurant where the burger was served on a pizza platter family style.”

    Was that the old Woodshed, just west of 162nd on Stark?

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