Sneaky Kitty

Sneaky Kitty

Sneaky Kitty


Location: SE 52nd and Foster
Hours: Wednesday-Sunday, 11-8pm

The Story:

Start with a 1971 Volkswagen Van, extend the roof on it and remove the engine and you get a very unique food cart/van – Sneaky Kitty.

Hazel and Fine opened Sneaky Kitty this summer with the goal of combining Fine’s Thai cuisine with Hazel’s northwest experience. This project was a year in the making. Hazel and Fine worked with the Native American Youth Association to take small business courses, build a business plan and retain a grant from them to open the cart. Similar to Mercy Corp NW, this micro-loan program allowed them to plan out the opening and set themselves up to make it through both good and bad sales times. The van is a work in craftsmanship. The roof was removed and an extension roof was built so you can stand in the van to prep and cook. Since it is a VW van, the engine could be removed once it was in place. Luckily, Hazel has the mechanic skills to put it back in at a moment’s notice if they want to roll out of the lot. Yes, it drives.

Delta Blues BBQ Tofu from Sneaky Kitty

Delta Blues BBQ Tofu from Sneaky Kitty

Initially, if you just glanced at the menu, you may believe that you are getting traditional Thai dishes with chicken or beef, but if you look closer and read the selections thoroughly, you would realize that the cart is fully vegan. A couple of curry dishes, a delta blues BBQ tofu dish and a robust stir fry are the mainstays with specials offered daily. The Delta Blues BBQ Tofu dish is pan-seared tofu smothered with spicy sweet brown sugar red curry BBQ sauce and then sauteed with basil, asparagus, carrots and shitake mushrooms. That tasty mess is then served over mixed black/white/purple rice. Such a great flavor with the sweetness of the brown sugar and red curry mixed throughout the dish. I’m glad the tofu was seared first to create a chewy skin to it before mixing it with the sauce and veggies. The entire dish was wonderful and filling and a great mix of ingredients.

Sneaky Kitty is one of those carts that you would take a friend to because of its uniqueness and great menu. The lot is scheduled to open indoor heated seating along with a bar in the near future, so even though winter is coming, there will be a nice warm place to enjoy your cart food. Drop on by Sneaky Kitty, say hi to Hazel and Fine and enjoy some of their tasty dishes. Let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

  • Redeye Red Curry: marinated sliced beef style vegetable protein with fresh green beans, bamboo shoots and bell peppers sauteed in a creamy, spicy Thai coconut red curry sauce; topped with basil and served over rice – $5
  • Keep it Green Curry: seasoned chicken style vegetable protein sauteed with Chinese eggplant, bell peppers, green beans in a tangy, spicy Thai coconut green curry sauce. topped with basil and served over rice – $5
  • Delta Blues BBQ Tofu: pan-seared tofu smothered with spicy sweet brown sugar red curry BBQ sauce and then sauteed with basil, asparagus, carrots and shitake mushrooms. Served over rice – $5
  • B-Complete: firm tofu, cubed and tossed in a magically delicious and super secret blend of nutritional yeast and spices, lightly browned in a pan, then sauteed with mushroom sauce, broccoli, carrots, and lightly wilted baby bok choy; served over rice – $5

Hours: Wed-Sun, 11-8pm
Phone: 503 739 5252
Facebook: Sneaky Kitty



  1. I totally agree. The Sneaky Kitty food cart/cat bus is nothing less than a work of art with amaaaazing food. Even if these things weren’t so, you would keep comng back anyway just to say Hi to Hazel and Fine. Seriously good people! A destination indeed : )

  2. Ellen Green says:

    Just curious – why did they need to remove the engine in the first place? Then put it back if they want to move.


  3. Hello! In regards to Ellen’s question: we took out the engine because we’re pretty sure of this being a permanent location for us, and the empty engine compartment provided a safe and out-of-the-way place for our propane tanks to be tucked away. Also, we are planning to repurpose the engine into an antique VW beetle (once I can find an affordable beetle shell) and build a custom delivery vehicle once time and money allow.
    Good question and thx for yr interest!

  4. Sheila O'Rourke says:

    Hi! Do you have more then one location?I thought for some reason.You’re locale was at 20th and Everett.I am crazy?Or just excited about a vegan cart? Bye Thanks

  5. Just tried Sneaky Kitty. YUMMY!!! I got the B-Complete stir-fry and it was really tasty and a great deal at five bucks. I’m a devoted carnivore who tries to eat healthily and I didn’t think about meat the whole time I was devouring this delicious dish. Yeah the cart itself is cool but I’d eat this food if they made out of the back of beat up ’71 Pinto. I’ll definitely be back.

  6. Sneaky Kitty says:

    Hello ! In regards to Sheila’s question: we have just only one location at 52nd and Foster.
    Thank you for your question

  7. so sad that you didn’t return after winter… I miss your yummy goodness…

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