Year of the Fish

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Year of the Fish

Location: SE 52nd and Foster at Carts on Foster
Hours: Tues-Sat, 12-8

The Story:

Out off Hawthorne in what many refer to as Stumbletown due to the number of bars, there is a new cart that is open late to sate those munchies you get after a few drinks – Year of the Fish. [Update: Now at SE 52nd and Foster]

Edward MacGregor opened Year of the Fish in September after being out of the restaurant game for a few years. Having grown up working in restaurants and subsequently owning them as a family business, he had taken a break from the grind, hoping to do something else. Well, the call of the deep fryer was too strong, but Edward didn’t want to do another restaurant, so decided on the cart. Locating at 47th and Hawthorne was also a strategic decision – an attempt to attract some of the crowds that line up to the few restaurant options in the area late night.

fish food cart portland

Tiger Prawns from Year of the Fish

Year of the Fish is a fish and chips cart. With options including cod, red snapper and halibut, if you love fish, you’ll like love this cart. Edward offers traditional or gluten-free batter depending on your needs. What surprised me was the offer of tiger prawns. I love a good fish and chips, but to get batter fried tiger prawns raises the bar. Lightly breaded and crunchy, the prawns are delightful. You can get different sauces, but these are so flavorful, you don’t need it. Sided with a handful of steak fries, you have a great little snack.

Year of the Fish is now open for lunch and dinner weekdays and late night on the weekends. Drop on by for some well made fish and chips and other treats and let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

  • Cod and Chips – $7
  • Red Snapper and Chips – $7
  • Halibut and Chips – $market rate
  • Tiger Prawns and Chips – $8
  • Clam Chowder – New England style – cup, $3; bowl $5
  • Just Slaw – $3
  • Just Chips – $3

Phone: 971 258 6567
Twitter: @YearoftheFish1
Facebook: Year of the Fish




  1. Spurred-on by the blog entry, I had dinner at Year of the Fish on Saturday evening. My meal (cod & chips) was excellent, and I added to it with coleslaw & 2 oyster shooters.

    The fish was perfect, the fries were great, and I’ll definitely return to Year of the Fish.

    Note: I did mention to the proprietor that I’d learned about the cart while reading the Food Carts Portland blog. I also noted that he had a Food Carts Portland blog sticker proudly displayed.

  2. William Herbert says

    Went to Year of the Fish tonight [9/16]. Tuna fish and chips and the clam chowder were delicious. The chips were especially good, but so was the cole slaw. Want to return for the simple cod fish and chips. Everyone should try this one.

  3. Addie Evans says

    How exciting that he has a gluten free batter! That is so hard to find when eating out. Does anyone know if the gluten-free battered items are cooked in a separate deep fryer so as to avoid contamination?


  4. The carts still open and making great food but it moved to a new place on fiftieth and division at a la carts. The fishwich is delicious. My favorite fish place by far

  5. I am going to try the Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper chips. This is what I use on my tuna casseroles and it is yummy!

  6. Year of the Fish has moved to the 52nd & Foster cart pod.

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