The Knuckle Sandwich

The Knuckle Sandwich

The Knuckle Sandwich

CLOSED – The sandwiches can be found at Shut Up and Eat.
SE 50th and Ivon, A la Carts Food Pavillion
Hours: Mon-Sat, 11am-8pm

The Story:

The first time I ate a sandwich I couldn’t finish was in New Orleans. It was 1/2 of a the famous muffuletta from Central Grocery. I was blown away that they could put so much meat and olive salad and other goodies on a sandwich. The other day, at The Knuckle Sandwich, I met the second sandwich I couldn’t finish in one sitting. A hoagie “as big as your head.”

The Knuckle Sandwich is a new cart to the owners, but you may recognize it as the former OmNomNom Sandwich cart. The owners of OmNomNom moved on and John Fimmano of Shut Up and Eat jumped at the chance to expand and acquire the cart for The Knuckle Sandwich and catering gigs. John knows sandwiches and if you’ve ever eaten at Shut Up and Eat, he knows good solid food also. The sandwiches at the new cart are hoagies, east coast style. The bread is from Helen Bernhard bakery and is a recipe John worked with them on in order to get the roll just right. At first, I didn’t believe in the whole “as big as your head” line. I have a big head, but when they handed me the sandwich, I became a believer.

The Old Style Italian Hoagie

The Old Style Italian Hoagie

The Old Style Italian hoagie is the sandwich I would order at every lunch if it was offered. Ever since I was a child and was introduced to salami, I’ve always been drawn to sandwiches with thinly sliced meats. Take a good size hoagie roll and lay down some lettuce and sliced tomatoes. Top that with chunky olive pepper relish and some roasted bell peppers then grab the meat. Mortadella! Genoa Salami! Copocollo! Sopressata! Prosciutto! Pepper Ham! Yep, all of that and then sprinkle on a handful of thickly shaved Parmesan cheese. Do I have your attention? This is a monster of a sandwich, penciling in at over a pound. I loved the crispness of the lettuce, the soft bread, the spicy olive salad and the meat all put together with each bite. It fed me for a few meals. A sandwich to redefine sandwiches.

The Knuckle Sandwich is open daily for lunch and dinner and offers four different hoagies. You can also get them to cater your event. Just give them a call. If you’re a hoagie fan or simply love sandwiches, you need to visit this cart and give it a try. You won’t be disappointed. Let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

  • Old Style Italian: Mortadella, Genoa Salami, Copocolla, Sopressata, Prosciutto, pepper ham, Provolone cheese, olive pepper relish, roasted bell peppers, parm cheese blend, olive oil, lettuce, tomato on a sesame seed long roll – $8
  • Spicy Diablo: pepperoni, Copocolla, Sopressata, pepper ham, pepper jack cheese, hot pepper slaw, parm cheese blend, mayo, lettuce, tomato on a sesame seed long roll – $8
  • Club: smoked turkey, pepper ham, Copocolla, bacon, roasted bell peppers, cucumbers, mayo, lettuce, tomato on a sesame seed long roll – $8
  • Corned Beef: corned beef, Genoa salami, Swiss cheese, Russian slaw, pickle, hard boiled egg, deli mustard, lettuce and tomato on a sesame seed long roll – $8

Hours: Mon-Sat, 11am-8pm
Phone: 503.577.5604
Facebook: Shut Up and Eat



  1. I’ve eaten at their other cart Shut up & Eat a few times so I know this new cart will offer delicious food too! I don’t usually comment about carts I have not yet eaten at. However, these guys are great. They take pride in cooking your food and have the skills to go along with their enthusiasm. I grew up near many restaurants offering hoagies and grinders, and I really miss that type of food. Thanks guys!

  2. AgentCool says:

    I wish the people from OmNomNom the best of luck. Always enjoyed their sandwiches.

  3. The Knuckle Sandwich hoagies are delicious, filling, and big. I ate the Old Style Italian. I haven’t had such a great Italian deli hoagie since I was last in San Francisco’s North Beach district. The quality of ingredients used by The Knuckle Cart were really high. The only criticism I have with this new cart is that the sandwiches are so damn huge. Seriously, I’m a guy and I can eat a lot of food yet I was full after eating one-half. I guess you have a choice in saving half for another meal or sharing with another person. I’d happily pay $5 for the option to order half a sandwich. BTW, I’m the Mark above who made the first comment about looking forward to this cart.

    Nest time, I’m going for the corned beef hoagie.

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