Sweet Pea’s Brulee

Sweet Pea's Brulee

Sweet Pea’s Brulee


Location: SE 43rd and Belmont, Good Food Here
Hours: Mon-Thurs, 12-3 and 6-8:30; Fri/Sat, 12-9:30; Sun, 12-5

The Story:

Here in this fine food cart town, you can find ice cream, cupcakes, pie, Italian Ice and even cake, but until a few months ago, no cart was focusing only on crème brûlée. Sweet Pea’s does it and does it well.

Creme Brulee from Sweet Pea's

Creme Brulee from Sweet Pea’s

Kate and Tim do everything from scratch making each crème brûlée fresh every morning. With three different flavors, Tahitian vanilla, orange cognac and hazelnut, they are pretty busy prepping enough for a long day at the cart. Prior to serving each, they caramelize the top with a butane torch which creates that amazing crust you brake through to the creamy custard below. While crème brûlée is their bread and butter per se, they also do a bit more magic in the kitchen. While chatting with Kate, she offered me one of their homemade marshmallows. Really? Homemade marshmallows? I think the only time I every even attempted that we ended up throwing out utensils and pans because they were so hardened with burn sugar. That is truly a skill and those little puffs of sugar were a treat. Kate and Tim also make their own salted caramels that they package individually. Mix a good salt with anything sweet and you create an amazing taste combination. Even before I devoured the crème brûlée, I sat back and simply enjoyed letting the caramel melt in my mouth and stick to my teeth. Some sweet treats from a great little cart.

Sweet Pea’s Brulee is open for the lunch hour and dinner in to evening most of the week and all day Friday-Sunday. The Good Food Here lot has plenty of meal options for you and your family and friends while also offering treats like crème brûlée. Next time your sweet tooth begins to ache, check out Sweet Pea’s Brulee for some wonderful treats and sample some of their marshmallows. Let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

  • Crème Brûlée:  classic vanilla, orange cognac or hazelnut – $4
  • Marshmallow topped crème brûlée – $4.50
  • Marshmallows: vanilla, strawberry orange or coconut – $1 for 2pack
  • Vanilla Salted Caramel Chews – 50c

Full Menu available at Sweet Pea’s Brulee website

Hours: Mon-Thurs, 12-3 and 6-8:30; Fri/Sat, 12-9:30; Sun, 12-5
Phone: 503-893-4897
Website: Sweet Pea’s Brulee
Twitter: @SweetPeasBrulee        Facebook: Sweet Pea’s Brulee



  1. The Crème Brûlée tastes really good yet for $4 it should be much bigger. BTW, I don’t care that a formal French sit-down restaurant would charge even more.

  2. The creme brulee here is absolutely fantastic– also, two words: habanero marshmallows. I was skeptical at first and bought it because it was novel– turns out to be beyond delicious and went great with the brulee *drools*

  3. I love creme brulee!

  4. pdxmomma says:

    Totally worth it.

    I ate at Slappy Cakes before coming here for the first time and was really let down after having the worst eggs benedict I’ve ever ordered. Then I walked over to the pod right next door and discovered Sweet Pea’s Brulee. Their Crème Brûlée instantly made my day 100% better. Thanks for the sweetness.

  5. AgentCool says:

    Might be good but I won’t return to that pod anymore. Too cluttered, too messy, too dirty. Been there a few times and completely disgusted with the place.

  6. I go to this pod frequently since it is in my neighborhood and it is very well maintained. It is beautifully landscaped, family friendly, sometimes there is live music, and CLEAN! All the carts owners are PROS and keep their carts looking PERFECT, and the grounds clean too. It is the most welcoming pod in PDX in my opinion.

  7. agentcoolisnotcool says:

    The carts and grounds are as clean as any other pods in town. I feel that agentcool has a beef with one of the carts hre or is from a rival pod. Take it with a grain of salt.

  8. AgentCool says:

    I’ve been there 4 times Frank and I was disappointed each time. And I should clarify, the carts were clean and looked good. The grounds and the seating area were messy. Food, trash, cords everywhere. If I ever return, it would be a to go order.

  9. Agent Cool & Frank, I’ve been there um maybe 75+ times as it my local pod though I have been there less this Spring and Summer than last year. Usually, the carts and pod IMHO have been clean. However, I have seen some occasions when things have gotten out of hand and that is usually during a warm sunny weekend day after a crowd has been through.

  10. I can’t believe anyone would say these should be bigger for 4 freaking dollars! They’re absolutely perfect. And the marshmallows and caramels are off the chain! If I wasn’t already taken, I’d be seriously thinking about proposing to these treats.

  11. Went down Friday evening with the family and enjoyed as always great food and atmosphere from the 43rd & Belmont pod, Kate as always with her big bright smile offering us a tasty delight we had a Classic Vanilla Creme Brulee, awesome as always and of course garlic fries from Rick @ Lardo’s & gyro’s from Saied @ Aybla Grill to complete our meal, thanks again everyone what a way to help create great memories for my family they will always remember, keep Portland weird and eat at the carts

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