Cascade Burger

Cascade Burger

Cascade Burger

Cartlandia, SE 82nd and Springwater Trail
Hours: Wed-Fri, 11am-3pm, 5-7pm; Sat, 12-9; Sun, 12-7

The Story:

In a trailer abutting the wonderful Springwater Trail to the north and Johnson Creek to the south, Cascade Burger keeps it simple and tasty.

Cartlandia is Portland’s newest pod and the owner, Roger Goldingay calls it a “SuperPod” with the hope of more than 20 carts, onsite parking and accessibility from the Springwater Trail. There aren’t 20 carts there yet, but the carts that have opened are getting a steady stream of customers and seem to be doing well, serving SE Portland’s cart lovers. Cascade Burger is one of those first carts to open and already has returning customers based on the casual conversations between the owner and the patron.

Epic Burger from Cascade Burger

Epic Burger from Cascade Burger

Cascade Burger keeps it simple with two options – the Epic Burger and the Veggie burger. Both are handmade and served atop a great burger roll with all the accoutrements. While I’m a huge fan of homemade veggie burgers, I’m a sucker for a good beef burger. Using locally sourced beef, vegetables and buns, the burger is truly a work of art. Everything is flame grilled, so with the bun, you get great grill marks and even some char like the family picnic. The burger is hand pattied, so it is thick and juicy and not a standard shape or size. Put that burger with the bun, fresh slices of Roma tomatoes, some cheddar cheese and field greens and you have one fabulous meal. Everything worked and I devoured the burger, enjoying the crunch of the bun, the bitter of the greens and the juiciness of the burger. Now I have to return to try the veggie burger for sure.

Cascade Burger is open for lunch and dinner with a break in between to restock and rest up. Everything is done fresh, so be patient if there is a crowd. If you Yelp or FourSquare, Cascade Burger has offers for you and if you don’t have cash, Cascade Burger will take your plastic. If you’re out and about in SE, cruise down 82nd to Cartlandia and check it out. There is parking and even a big screen TV and covered seating. Enjoy a Cascade Burger and let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

  • Epic Burger – with all the fixin’s – $6 – add bacon for $1
  • Veggie Burger – with all the fixin’s – $5
  • Fries – $2 or basket for $4

Hours: Wed-Fri, 11am-3pm, 5-7pm; Sat, 12-9; Sun, 12-7
Phone: 503 490 8839
Twitter: @CascadeBurger Facebook: Cascade Burger



  1. t duncan tennyson says

    We shared a space with Cascade Burger over in St John’s for a spell.

    His burger was huge and dripping and good.

    If you are on a 1st date, you might want to ask for extra napkins.

  2. Mike Stanislawski says

    First visit to Cascade Burger today. I am a sucker for a good beef burger. I was surprised how big the patty was ad the burger was stacked high. Probably the only issue I had was it was served medium to medium rare. Now I can eat a burger like that but not sure most can. I know my wife wouldn’t have been able to eat one. I wish they would let you know or ask how you want it cooked. But other than that, a really good burger. Good fries and loved the home made ketchup.

  3. Quality meat on a quality bun! This burger blew me away. I really like the new location. Perfect for an inexpensive and tasty date night. Can’t beat the natural ketchup too!

  4. he closed down and I liked his food he was also a good guy.want him to re open. if not the rock house grill is king of burger sling atm.

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